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Match the sentences with the meaning of the tense used in each of them.

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1. Vieira passes to Henry … and Henry scores! 2. Who’s been drinking my orange juice? 3. Light travels faster than sound. 4. He’s been watching TT since 6 o’clock. 5. Spencer opens the door and sees the murderer. 6. He lives in Tokyo. 7. I’ve learnt a lot in this class. 8. The film starts at 11 o’clock. 9. My mother is writing a book. 10. He has written to the Prime Minister. a. action started in the past and continuing up to the present b. permanent situation c. past action at an unstated time connected with the present d. sports commentary e. personal experience/change which has happened f. action happening at or around the moment of speaking g. timetable h. action expressing irritation i. dramatic narrative. j. law of nature

Fill in the Present Simple or Present Continuous.

June: Hi, Mum!

Mum: Hello, June. Where 1) …..(you/call) from?

June: I 2) …..(be) at work at the moment. My boss 3) ….. (have) lunch with his wife now. He 4) ….. (often/take) her to lunch on Tuesdays.

Mum: Well, why 5) …. (you/phone)? Is there anything wrong?

June: No, I just want you to know that I 6) ….. (come) home next Saturday.

Mum: What time 7) ….. (your train/arrive) in Leeds?

June: It 8) ….. (leave) London at 11 o’clock and 9) ….. (arrive) in Leeds at 2 o’clock.

Mum: See you on Saturday then.


Put the verbs in brackets in the correct present forms.

Dear Sir/Madam,

I 1) ….. (write) on behalf of Midfield School. Every year, our students 2) ….. (choose) a project on environmental problem. Then, they 3) ….. (work) to raise money to help solve this problem. We 4) ….. (recently/see) your advertisements about protecting dolphins, so, for the last few weeks, we 5) ….. (try) to learn about the dolphins that 6) …..( live) in the sea near here. We 7) …..(already/be) on two boat trips and 8) …..(persuade) local fishermen to change their fishing nets because the ones they 9) …..(use) at the moment can trap dolphins. Could you please send the children some World Wildlife Fund posters to add to the work they 10) ….. (do) so far?

Yours faithfully,

J.Hopkins (Teacher)

Put the verbs in brackets in the correct present forms.

Dear Sal,

You’ll never guess where I 1) …..( write) from. I 2) …..(sit) on a bench on the shore of Lake Windermere! The air 3) ….. (smell) wonderful – so clean and fresh. I 4) …..(stay) here for nearly a week now and I 5) …..(expect) I’ll stay for one more. As I 6) …..(begin) to fall in love with the place. Every morning I 7) …..(get up) at 7 o’clock and 8) …..(go( for a swim in the lake before breakfast. The owner of the hotel 9) …..( just/tell) me that I can borrow his boat for the afternoon. This holiday 10) …..(become) better and better as the days go by. Well, I think I 11) …..(write) enough. I 12) …..(sit) here for half an hour and it’s time for my boat trip.

See you,


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