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Identify the tenses and then match them with the correct description.

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Exercises on Present forms.


  1. Match the sentences with the meaning of the tense used in each of them.
1. He drinks a litter of milk every day. 2. Milk contains a lot of vitamins. 3. He is getting stronger. 4. She has just passed her exams. 5. She is having a party at the moment. 6. He has been working all day. 7. She has phoned him three times this morning. 8. He is always borrowing money from me. 9. She has been working all morning. (Her feet are aching.) 10. They are getting married next week. (They’ve already sent invitations.)   A. Emphasis on duration. B. Temporary situations C. Repeated action expressing annoyance D. Emphasis on number E. Habitual action F. Recently completed action G. Permanent truth H. Changing or developing situation I. Fixed arrangement in the near future J. Past action of certain duration having visible results in the present  


Identify the tenses and then match them with the correct description.


1. He runs a large travel agency. 2. The thief enters the room and opens the safe. 3. Skill comes with practice. 4. She’s been practicing this song for hours. 5. He’s workinghard these days. 6. He’s gained a lot of weight recently. 7. Tom is picking me up at 7 o’clock tonight. 8. The ferry arrives at 10.00 am. 9. They’ve been talking on the phone since 9 o’clock this morning. a. actions taking place at or around the moment of speaking: temporary situations b. emphasis on duration of an action which began in the past and continues up to the present c. reviews/sports commentaries/dramatic narratives d. actins started in the stated time in the past and continuing up to the present e. fixed arrangement in the near future f. timetables/programmes (future meaning) g. permanent situations or states h. permanent truths or laws of nature i. personal experiences or changes which have happened  


Identify the tenses and then match them with the correct description.

1. Oh no! Someone’s been reading my diary again! 2. You feel dizzy because you’ve been lying in the sun for too long! 3. He has just cleared out the garage. 4. He’s such a boring man, who’s always making a fuss about nothing. 5. With the help of a good teacher, Gary’s becominga very good pianist. 6. We’ve been out four times this week. 7.He has lunch at the Plaza Hotel every day. 8. They have sold their house and gone on a tour of the world. 9. Here comes the train! a. actions happened at an unstated past time and are connected to the present b. changing or developing situation c. expressing anger, irritation, annoyance or criticism d. recently completed actions e. repeated/habitual actions f. past actions of certain duration having visible results/effects in the present g. exclamatory sentences h. emphasis on number/frequency i. frequently repeated actions with “always” expressing annoyance or criticism


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Chapter I.| Match the sentences with the meaning of the tense used in each of them.

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