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Use the word combinations of Exercise 7 in the sentences of your own.

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  4. And write your own sentences with the same word-combinations,
  5. B) Speak about the traffic in this country using the word combinations in bold type.
  6. B) Use the word combinations from the box given below.
  7. B) Use them in sentences of your own.

9. Try to use the words from the box to fill in the gap. Caution! Two words are not used.


accusation deny  
responsibility accept separation
manufacturer freighter  

Will you __________ a cheque?

He __________ knowing anything about it.

__________ is an aircraft that carries mainly cargo.

Send these faulty goods back to the __________.

It’s my __________ to lock the doors.


spread accusation  
balance separation lift
assess compensate  

a) They __________ the damage at Ј350.

b) She cycled too fast round the corner, lost her ________ and fell off.

c) __________ is upward pressure that air brings on an aircraft in flight.

d) __________ from his friends made him sad.

e) Flies __________ disease.



sole sequence  
apply accusation dropping
effect compensate  

a) __________ of corruption have been made against him.

b) __________ the glue to both surfaces.

c) She was __________ by the insurance company for her injuries.

d) ‘To go into __________ ‘ means’ to reach the stage of being in use’.

e) We have the __________ right to sell this range of goods.



spiral pin  
verdict yaw responsibility
wonder event  


a) The jury announced their __________.

b) _________ is an unsteady turn of an aircraft off a straight or correct course.

c) I __________ whether they will arrive on time.

d) The accident began with the breaking of a fuse ___________.

e) It was quite an __________ when a woman first became prime minister.

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