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Put the paragraphs in the right order.

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El Al Boeing 747 crashed All 291 people aboard
into Amsterdam apartment stricken TWA Tristar es-
blocks cape inferno

1 1

2 2

3 3

4 4

5 5

Here are the answers to some questions. Work out the questions.

EL AL Boeing 747

1) In a working-class district of the Dutch capital tonight.

2) 15 minutes after take-off.

3) From Schipol Airport.

4) Two nine-story buildings.

5) Immigrants from Suriname and the Antilles.

6) At 6:21p.m.

7) A fire in the jet' s engines.

8) Yes, he did. But the loss of at least one of the engines caused him to lose control of the plane.

TWA Tristar

1) Shortly after 5:30p.m.

2) The aircraft lurch violently to one side.

3) Apparantly because of a reptured fuel line.

4) Into the runway barrier.

5) Yes,they did. Leading the passengers to the two escape chutes behind the cockpit.

6) In less than two minutes.

7) 67 people.

There are three different pronunciation of the -ed in the regular past tenses.

/d/ travelled /t/ watched /id/ wanted

Put these past tenses from the articles on the right lines below according to the pronunciation of -ed.

crashed demolished radioed

reported tried caused

inhabited filled skidded





Here are the past tense forms of 7 irregular verbs from the articles. Write the base forms.

______________ put _____________ felt ______________ left _____________ went ______________ began _____________ were ______________ lost

Find the examples of Participle I and Participle II in the articles and explain the difference. Use them in sentences of your own.

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