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Explain what is meant by these terms related to intellectual property rights in your own words. Use the sentences in Exercise 2 as models.

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  4. And write your own sentences with the same word-combinations,
  5. Answer these questions.
  6. B) Explain the difference between the synonyms within each pair. (See Notes on p. 18.) When in doubt, consult dictionaries.
  7. B) Now read through the ads below quickly and find the answers to these questions.

1. intangible rights

2. right of fair use

3. infringement of rights




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Copyright is the body of law that deals with the ownership and use of works of literature, music and art. The basic purpose of copyright is to enrich our society’s wealth of culture and information. The means for doing so is to grant exclusive rights in the exploitation and marketing of a work as an incentive to those who create it.

Copyright low protects original works of authorship which are written down or recorded. The U.S. International Trade Commission has defines “copyright” as “a form of protection provided by” a national government to authors of original works of authorship, including literary, dramatic, musical, artistic, and certain other intellectual works. As with other types of policies for intellectual property, the fundamental policy of copyright law is to provide protection for works so that they can be distributed in the public domain. In the United States, the copyright protection lasts for the life of the author, plus fifty years. Copyright protection applies to: literary works, plays, computer programs, and other kinds of works of authorship. The owner of a copyright may place a copyright symbol on the work as a warning to others that the work is protected. The symbol consists of the letter “C” with a circle around it: ©. Following the creation of the Copyright Act of 1976, most copyright law in the United States is governed by federal statute. If copyright is violated, the owner of the right may seek damages for the copyright infringement.

Example:Mrs. Author writes an original play and composes original music for the play. She applies for two copyrights. One for her play, and one for the music that she created for her play. She now has two copyrighted works which are protected.


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