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EXERCISES. I. (a) Find In the text the English for the following:

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I. (a) Find In the text the English for the following:

В рассрочку; ломбард; выкупить из ломбарда; заложить и ломбард; замысловатый; фасон; потери; платежи.

(b) Find in the text synonyms of the following words and word-combinations:

On the never-never system; exhorbitant prices; shopman; sort.

II. Insert prepositions:

The local adjective... hire-purchase; the prices... the clothes; a line... hats; I went in... the fanciest sort I could get; another thing... favour... hats; before the week was up it would be... the pawnshop; Saturday's wages wouldn't run... getting it out; bundled away... a dirty shelf... six days.

III. (a) Answer the following questions:

1. What can you say about the social standing of the sto­ry-teller? 2. What is your opinion of her taste? 3. Many years had passed before J. Walsh began to write her book. Do you think her taste had changed since her youth? 4. Why did the pawnshop in that place thrive?

IV. What are these conversations about and where were they overheard?

1.— I'd very much like to have a new pair of shoes.

—We can't afford it now. Father wouldn't hear of such a thing after all his losses.

2. — But that means that I shan't be able to get out the watch!

— You don't need your watch: we've got a clock in the house, haven't we?

3. — Why is the hat so cheap?

—It's a line they are discontinuing, madam.

4. — Well, the boots don't pinch and fit me all right.

—But will they match your new suit?
—They'll suit me even If they don't.

5. — Everybody goes in for.such scarfs now



--All the same they don't attract me


V. Learn by heart the following dialogue:

- I often go to the hosier, when I want new gloves or ties, socks, handkerchiefs or shirts. The one I go to in Regent Street has also hats and collars, and all of very good quality.


— What size do you take in hats, collars and gloves?

— Oh, yes; the English sizes are not the same as most continental ones. I take size 7 in hat, 15 ½ in collar, 8 in gloves and 8'/2 in shoes.

— You sound as if you were bigger round the neck than round the head.

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