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martin: Have youby any chance a book called The One Great Problem? I say a book, but it may be only a pamphlet.

BOOKSELLER.: No, sir,it' s out of stock. We could get it to order for you if it’s out of print?

M.: And if it's out of print?

B.: Then I'll make Inquiries and letyou know if we hear of a second-hand copy.

m.: D' you keep Spanish books?

B.: No, sir; they're rather out of our line.

M.: None at all?... Then I must try somewhere else, I suppose.

Where's the likeliest place to get them?

B.: It's a matter of opinion, but I should think your best plan by far would be to go to Brochet's in Leicester Square.

M.:... Have you a good edition of Boswell's Johnson?

B.: Yes, sir: how'll this one do?

M.: It's very dear. I should have thought it'd have been about half that

B.: Well, sir, there's no getting over the fact that printing and paper have gone up like everything else the last few years.

m.: Yes, that's the worst of it... (On reflection.) No, I think the smaller one'll answer my 'purpose; it's quite good enough for me.

B.: I'll have them packed up to go by parcel post.

M.: Oh! You needn't bother to send them; I may as well take them with me.

B.: Just as you like, sir.

3. Situations for dramatizing:

1. A salesgirl in a bookshop speaks with a friend about her work in the bookshop and tells her how difficult it is to keep track of the new books and meet the customers' demands. 2. An old-age pensioner comes to a bookshop and asks for some book which will make good reading for a holiday. After a long discussion with the salesgirl she chooses a thick novel in a gay green jacket from a row of handsome books on the upper shelf. 3. The manager of a bookshop speaks with a girl who has applied for a position there.

4. Retell the text

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