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EXERCISES. I. Explain in English what is:

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I. Explain in English what is:

He's very keen on Morland; a junk shop; a genuine Mor­land; it would fetch a hundred and fifty guineas; couldn't do it under a hundred; much too little.

II. Insert prepositions:

He's keen... Morland; the usual price... a seven-and-sixpenny Morland; that's cheap... a genuine Morland; spend thirty guin­eas... a genuine Morland; couldn't do it... a hundred; I always deal... guineas;... my own expense.

III.Pick out of the text the sentences with: Oh yes; that's what I say; look here; I'll tell you what; that's not bad — and use them in short dialogues of your own.

IV. Here is a bit of a conversation. Say where it could be overheardand who the two parties are. Develop this extract into a longer dialogue. (Make sure you know what is a bob, a quid and a guinea):

— Forty-twobob.

Impossible, sir

Well, say fifty bob for both of ‘em

— Both of them?

— Yes.

— Five guineas.

— Make it pounds.

— All right, sir, pounds.

— Split it and call it two quid and look here...

V. Dramatize several situations with a customer bargaining over something in a junk shop. Make use of the following vocabulary:

Customer Mow much is that one? Put it at a shilling Make it pounds. Split the difference. That's giving you more than it is worth.. That's fair enough. Call it twenty-four-and-nine- pence. I've done my best, and I can't do more, not if you go back on your bargain. Salesman That's cheap for... That's a bit too cheap Couldn't take anything less than guineas. Couldn't do it under a hundred That’s the lowest prise. Cash on the nail. Nobody can say I’m not ready to meet you. Take it and you’ll get it all back twice over. All right, but cash.

VI. Tell the text in a nutshell.


If anybody were to ask me which shop windows I found the most interesting, I should find it very hard to answer. My wife, I know, would be all in favour of the draper's, the milliner's and the jeweller's. My eldest son would be all for the sport shops with their golf clubs, tennis rackets, cricket bats and footballs. The children would vote for the toyshops, and as for me, well, I must confess to a weakness for the tobacconist's window.

It's not that I smoke a lot but there's something fascinat­ing about the neat little piles of different coloured tobaccos, the beautifully polished briar pipes, the attractive boxes of ci­gars and cigarettes. If you smoke a pipe, you have the choice of dozens of excellent brandy, of pipe-tobacco; if you like cigars, then you can vet them at any price you care to pay; and if you prefer cigarettes, you can buy Virginia, Turkish, or Egiptian whichever you like. Virginia cigarettes are, of cours those made of American tobacco.

Matches are good and cheap but most people nowadays use a lighter. In the tobacconist's window you'll also Find tobacco-pouches and cigarette-cases, holders., and all dial soil of thing. Many tobacconists arc at the same time newsagents, stationers, and booksellers, so that you can buy hooks, ma­gazines, newspapers, picture postcards, and other stationery, such as writing-pads, note-paper, blotting-paper, envelopes, ink, fountain-pens, pencils and so on. Very often you can buy sweets and chocolates there as well.


- Good afternoon. / should like some cigarettes please.

- What kind would you like? Virginia, Egyptian, or Turk­ish?

- Well, I think / should like to try some of each, andthen I can

decide which I like best.

-How many would you want?

- I really don't know. Say, a packet of twenty Virginia, and a box of twenty-five of each of the others. Which brand do you recommend?

- If I were you, I should try these. They're not very expensive, and yet of quite good quality, rather mild, and they won't hurt your throat.

-All right, I'll take those. And I'd like some matches too.

-How many boxes?

-Oh — half a dozen?

-Certainly. What about some pipe tobacco? You can have it by the ounce,

or in a tin.

- No, thank you.

-Well, may I suggest a good Havana cigar?

- Well, I do enjoy a good cigar now and again, but aren't they rather


- We've got them at various prices. This one, for instance, is quite good and

costs only four and ninepence (4/9).

-All right, I'll try it. Let me have five, please. Oh, I nearly forgot.

I should like a few flints for my lighter.

And now, add it all up and tell me how much I owe you.

- Let me see, that'll be thirty-nine and six (39/6) altogether.

- Here you are. Would you mind wrapping them up?

Thank you.


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