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EXERCISES. Груды книг в цветных обложках;книга пользуется боль­шим спросом; книги вышлиполгода

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I. Say it in English:

Груды книг в цветных обложках; книга пользуется боль­шим спросом; книги вышлиполгода тому назад; выбрать книгу; лениво переворачивать страницы книги.

II. (a) Answer the following questions:

1. What do you think of the names occurring in the story: Slush, Sellyer (sell yer), Rassellyer? 2. What must have been Mrs. Rassellyer's opinion of those gentlemen who are apt to select their books merely by the title? 3. Why was Mrs. Ras­sellyer so keen to buy the latest novel? 4. Was Mr. Sellyer shocked by Mrs. Rassellyer's conversation or used he to live up to his customers? 5. How did Mr. Sellyer advertise his book? What was the subtle device that tipped the scale in the con­versation with Mrs. Rassellyer? 6. What was it that Mr. Sel­lyer might have said to Mrs. Rassellyer in a low and ingra­tiating voice? How did he play on his customer's ignorance and vulgar curiosity? 7. Do you think that Mr. Sellyer had read the powerful book he was so glibly advertising? 8. Sup­pose Mr. Sellyer's information about the Golden Dreams were wrong. Could Mrs. Rassellyer come back and say that she had been again taken in? 9. Doesn't Mrs. Rassellyer resemble anyone you know? 10. Do you think Mrs. Rassellyer's maid takes after her mistress?


(b) Ask several questions about the text.

(c) Dramatize a dispute between a foreign visitor and a Soviet salesgirl on the subject of book-trade and book business in general. Use the expressions occurring in the text and the following word combinations: real taste in literature; something new in fiction; to make profit on a book; to take orders for new books; to promote sales.

(d) Learn the dialogue by heart and make up your own dialogues on the каше pattern:

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