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Перепишите и письменно переведите 1, 2, 3, 4 абзацы.

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Пояснение к тексту:

standstill - простой (остановка)

crude oil - неочищенная нефть (сырая нефть)

borehole - скважина

oil tankers- танкер или нефтеналивное судно



1. Petrol stations with their lines of pumps are among the commonest sights along our main roads today. Without petrol commerce and industry would soon come to a standstill. Traffic in our great cities would stop, and millions of workers be unable to get to or from their work. Petroleum is the name of the mineral oil that comes from under the ground and from which petrol is obtained. It is the crude oil that comes from the wells. From this crude oil we obtain the various fuels that drive ships, aircraft, and many forms of land transport.

2. Oil usually lies thousands of feet below the earth’s surface. There are many ways of discovering this underground oil, but the only way to be certain that it exists is to make a deep hole, called a borehole or a well, through the rock, earth and sand.

3. Many oil-fields are hundreds of miles from the sea. As petroleum is needed in all parts of the world and has to be transported across the oceans, it is carried from oilfields to the sea in pipe-lines that may go for very large distances.

4. The crude oil may be stored in the tanks from which ships called oil tankers carry it to many countries. Crude oil contains many different materials. From crude oil we obtain petrol, paraffin and other products.

5. Although petrol is the first word we think of in connection with petroleum, other oils are important. The oils fuel used in Diesel engines is much cheaper than petrol. Tractors that burn diesel oil are used in almost all countries today for many kinds of agricultural work. Kerosene (paraffin oil) is another fuel that is obtained from petroleum. It is used today as the fuel that is burnt in jet engines for aircraft and other purposes.

6. Other products obtained from petroleum are used in the manufacture of artificial rubber, asphalt for road surfaces, light machine oil and heavy engine oil.


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