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Continuous Tenses. (active Voice, interrogative form) Tense (1) Questioning word (2) auxiliary verb (3) subject (4) predicate example present

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(Active Voice, Interrogative Form)

Tense (1) Questioning word (2) Auxiliary verb (3) Subject (4) Predicate Example
Present Continuous Tense What   Where   Why am is are I   he, she, it   you, we, they Ving (studying, writing)     What is he writing now? What are you doing?
Past Continuous Tense How   How many   was were I, he, she, it   you, we they Ving (studying, writing) Where was a doctor performing on the operation?
Future Continuous Tense How much shall will I, we   he, she, it, you, they be + Ving (be studying, be writing) What will you be doing at 3 p.m.?


Ex. 5. Read and translate the following interrogative sentences:

1. Is he examining a patient? 2. What groups of muscles are they investigating? 3. Where was he filling in a patient’s card from 10 till 11 a.m. yesterday? 4. Is this muscle contracting spontaneously? 5. Is he translating a scientific article on the muscles?

Ex. 6. Turn the following sentences into interrogative:

1. Cardiac muscle is pumping blood through the circulatory system with some intervals. 2. At present this system is producing body heat. 3. These cells are interacting with the external environment. 4. During definite period myoblasts were producing skeletal muscle fibers. 5. The total number of muscle fibers is establishing. 6. He is controlling the bleeding. 7. Look! The skin is pulling beyond the limits of its elasticity. 8. He is cleaning the area of wound. 9. The wound is healing by a primary union. 10. Now the clots are replacing by a connective tissue. 11. Little blood is flowing. 12. Some of the blood cells are ingesting bacteria.


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