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Federal State Institution Russian Scientific Center of Roentgen Radiology

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Federal State Institution Russian Scientific Center of Roentgen Radiology

Moscow, 86 Profsoyuznaya str. Tel. 334 – 81 – 86


Laboratory of high technology roentgen diagnostic techniques.

Room of magnetic resonance imaging

Of January 2012

Full name: Podporin M.S., year of birth: 2006

Magnetic resonance imaging of the brain.

[Medical examination record and image films are handed over to patient and in case of second visit have to be shown to the doctor for course evaluation.]


Medical record No. : 15258/11
Clinical history No., department : 358 (Pediatric unit)
Check up No. :
Scanning plane : Axial, sagittal, frontal
Sequence : T1VI, T2VI, FLAIR
Contrast : Magnevist


Series of MR tomography images show that spinal marrow along its length has clear, even contours, signal remains the same. During intravenous induction of contrast the region with increased accumulation of paramagnetic was identified, posterior surface of spinal marrow is on the level Th11, its size is up to 1 cm (vertical) x 1.5 mm (anterior-posterior) x 4 mm (diametrical), - supposedly matches vascular type accumulation, post primary damage is less likely. At the posterior arachnoid cavity, on the Th6-Th10 level there is a zone of changed MR signal (T2VI – heterogeneously weakly hyper intensive, T2VI fat sat – weakly hyper intensive,Т1VI – hyper intensive), its size is up to 7 cm (vertical length) x 6 mm (posterior-anterior), during intravenous induction paramagnetic was not accumulated, as spinal marrow belongs to the anterior spinal canal wall – it should differentiated between subdural hematoma and, what is less likely, venous plexus distensibility. Similar region regarding its structure, localization and MR signal characteristics is located in the posterior subarachnoid cavity on the level of Th4-Th5 (its size is 20 x 3 mm).

In comparison with MR checkup data from 16.12.2011, - the region of paramagnetic accumulation on the Th11 level retains its size, shape and contours: all above listed changes in the projection of posterior subarachnoid cavity on the levels Th6-Th10, Th4-Th5 were not visualized clearly before.

There are no bone-destructive changes identified.

CONCLUSION: Condition after surgical treatment (from 15.11.2011) regarding anaplastic ependymoma. Increased accumulation of paramagnetic on the Th11 level has to be differentiated between metastatic involvement and vascular type accumulation. Changes on the levels Th6-Th10, Th4-Th5, should be differentiated between hemorrhage and, what is less likely, venous plexus distensibility. Consultation of neurosurgeon is recommended.

Candidate of Medical Science., Leading Research Associate N.I. Sergeev
Doctor A.A. Gvozdev



Federal State Institution Russian Scientific Center of Roentgen Radiology

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