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Study the following information about ways of writing a financial agreement

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Written agreements are legal and binding documents that define the obligations of all parties involved, whether it is a project, good or service. As such, they provide an indisputable record of the agreed upon terms. The law gives great weight to an agreement should disagreements arise later. A written agreement can protect your interests. There are many types of business agreements, but these are the fundamental items to consider when writing any agreement.

Financial agreements generally cover matters involving money and payment for services. An agreement to purchase stock or securities is a financial agreement, for example. Prior to writing the actual agreement, be sure that you have all the relevant information you need, such as the exact terms agreed upon, and begin writing it after all terms are final and negotiation is over. Title the document "Financial Agreement" or something similar. Write the date below the title.

If desired, write a few short statements to provide background for the agreement. As an example, a financial agreement for acquiring an updated version of software could have a statement such as "The parties entered this agreement for the purpose of securing money to buy XXX version of software and arranging a training course for laboratory personnel."

Break the agreement into sections. Sections and subsections make the contract easier to read. Sections to a financial agreement often include the parties, the payment terms, interest charges, late fees, what constitutes default and how to resolve disputes. Describe the effect of each section with clear and concise language. For instance, in the section of software financial agreement that covers the software itself, the section could read "Upon receipt of the final payment described in section (section number), I agree to deliver the above mentioned equipment to the lab within one week and arrange the training course for the personnel no late than in two weeks from the date of the delivery”.

Reserve space at the bottom of the document for signatures and dates. Print the form on your office's or company letterhead, depending on the situation.


2) Imagine you need to buy a new expensive device for your scientific research. Write a financial agreement for getting a loan to purchase it from another company. Use appendix 7 for Sample equipment financing agreement


Literature review

Literature review is an account of what has been published on a topic by accredited scholars and researchers. This phase of research gives your scientific article some context, and it will help you to justify your statements. The objective of literature review is to summarize the current state of knowledge in the area of investigation.

Read the second section on writing a scholarly article in the second part of the textbook, get more information on literature review and write it for your needs.

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