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The Vologda State Technical University

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I study atatechnical University. It is one of the largest institutions of higher education in this part of Russia. Studyingat our University gives students the solid background they need. After their education they have awell-rounded education and are prepared for work.

The VSTU was founded in January 1965 as a branch of the North-Western Extramural Polytechnic Institute. Ten years later it was rearranged into an independent institution and in 1999 it became a University. Nowadays it is a large school where more than 8,000 students are currently enrolled. Most of them are full-time students, like me, and the rest are students of distant education and part time students. There are also graduate students, who conduct independent research work. Since the first class thousands of engineers, economists and civil engineers have graduated from the University.

The University's departments have over 400 academic staff with a wide range of professional and academic experience. It also has extensive capabilities and a flourishing research program. National and international scientific conferences are continually held at the University.

The Vologda University is located in six buildings within the city limits of Vologda. It has all the advantages of modem science laboratories and up-to-date equipment, a computer center, and other facilities. There are many large lecture halls that can fit three or four classes together at one time for a group lecture. These classes together can include more than a hundred students. The acoustics in such large rooms is very good, but when students chat during the lecture the room is very noisy.

There's also a large library with three reading halls for the students and faculty members. The library provides them with textbooks, instruction manuals and literature on different subjects. Apart from scientific and specialist's collection it contains a collection of fiction.

The university also includes sports facilities: a sports center with a weight training room, a gym, a multipurpose sports hall and outdoor stadium with tracks and playing fields. The University also possesses a health center in the city and a recreation camp in the countryside. With all these facilities, one can find many different ways to exercise and rest.

For lunch, during a midday break, students may go to any of several cafes at the university and nearby. My favorite one is located in a nearby building and people say that the food there is tasty and very affordable.

There are also several dormitories where students from out of town live. But some students don't live in a dormitory - they rent an apartment.

There are 7 faculties here: Power Engineering Faculty, Civil Engineering IFaculty, Environmental Engineering Faculty, Faculty of Management and Economics, Faculty of Industrial Management and Innovative Technologies, Humanities Faculty, Faculty of Distant Education. These faculties of the University provide training for industry and commerce in a variety of different fields.

The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland (the UK)

The United Kingdom covers most of an island group called the British Isles. The British Isles consist of two large islands - Great Britain and Ireland - and thousands of small islands with the total area of 244,100 sq.km. The island of Great Britain is the eighth largest island in the world. It covers 218,980 sq.km. It is separated from the continent by the English Channel and the Strait of Dover. Most of coastline of Great Britain is so broken by bays and inlets that no point on the island is more than 121 kilometers from the sea. The UK is also washed by the Irish Sea, the St. George’s Channel and the North Channel. Surrounding the British Isles by the water has been an important protection against the invaders throughout the English history.

The UK consists of four parts and every part has its national emblem: England — the red rose; Scotland - the thistle; Wales - the daffodil and the leek; Northern Ireland - the shamrock. The capitals of the four parts are London, Edinburgh, Cardiff, and Belfast respectively.

One can’t describe the country without mentioning its surface. The island of Great Britain can be divided into two main regions: Lowland Britain and Highland Britain. Lowlands comprise southern and eastern England. Highlands include Scotland, Wales, the Pennines, the Lake District.

Many rivers are flowing through Great Britain, such as the longest Severn with its tributaries, the swiftest Spey, the busiest Thames.

The population of the UK is over 57 million people. The official language is English, but some people continue speaking their mother tongue: Scottish in western Scotland, Welsh in northern and central Wales, and Irish in Northern Ireland.

The flag of the UK is made up of three crosses of the patron saints: the upright red against a white background I St. George of England, the white diagonal against a blue background - St. Andrew of Scotland, the red diagonal against a white background - St. Patrick of Northern Ireland. The English people have the habit of naming their national flag “the Union Jack”.

Words to be learnt:

to cover— покрывать

to be separated— отделяться

coastline — береговая линия

inlet— фиорд, узкий морской залив

thistle — чертополох

daffodil — нарцисс

leek — лук-порей

shamrock — трилистник

comprise — охватывать, включать в себя

tributary –приток

swift — быстрый, скорый, стремительный

background– фон


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