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Give definitions to the following using the vocabulary

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  6. Match the words (phrases) to their definitions. Check any unknown words in a dictionary.

1) CPU 5) Motherboard

2) ROM 6) Hard disk

3) CD-ROM 7) Sound-card

4) Printer 8) Modem

6. Which of the following is Hardware and which is Software?

1) program 11) drive

2) mouse 12) device

3) CPU 13) root directory

4) printer 14) memory

5) modem 15) key

6) command 16) error message

7) port 17) file

8) cursor or the pointer 18) screen

9) keyboard 19) printer

10) character

7. Match the following, learn the definitions:

1) процессор 6) модем

2) клавиатура 7) экран

3) мышь 8) ПЗУ

4) дискета 9) ОЗУ

5) «винчестер»

a) nonvolatile, non modifiable computer memory, used to hold programmed instructions to the system;

b) the part of a television or computer on which a picture is formed or information is displayed;

c) rigid disk coated with magnetic material, for storing computer programs and relatively large amounts of data;

d) an electronic device that makes possible the transmission of data to or from computer via telephone or other communication lines;

e) a set of keys, usually arranged in tiers, for operating a typewriter, typesetting machine, computer terminal, or the like;

f) volatile computer memory, used for creating, loading, and running programs and for manipulating and temporarily storing data; main memory;

g) central processing unit: the key component of a computer system, containing the circuitry necessary to interpret and execute program instructions;

h) a palm-sized device equipped with one or more buttons, used to point at and select items on a computer display screen and for controlling the cursor by means of analogous movement on a nearby surface;

i) a thin, usually flexible plastic disk coated with magnetic material, for storing computer data and program.

8. Questions for group discussion:

1) Without what parts computer is unable to work?

2) What is the most expensive part of the hardware?

3) What other hardware devices do you know? What are they for? Do you know how to use them?


1. Translate the following words with the dictionary. Learn the words:

set to include

to set word processor

procedure accounting package

related documentations computer-aided design

to associate design

to code to design

to direct to control

to carry out to manage

task to flow

to perform flow

variety entry

to enter datum (data)

version menu

command computer’s activities



2. Read and translate the text:


Software is the set of programs, procedures, and related documentation associated with a computer system. A program is a coded set of instructions that interprets the information you give to the computer with the keyboard or a mouse, and directs your computer to carry out a task.

Different kinds of software perform different kinds of tasks. Examples kinds of software are operating systems, such as MS-DOS, Windows 95 and its enhanced versions and programs Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Office. There is a wide variety of software programs including word processors, accounting packages, computer-aided design systems and games.

The operating system gets your computer running and controls the operation of your computer's activities. It manages the flow, entry, and display of software and data to and from each part of your computer system. To run a program, you first need to run the operating system. Some years ago the Microsoft disk operating system (MS-DOS) or a computer manufacturer's version of MS-DOS was the operating system most widely used with personal computers. Nowadays it is Windows 98, 2000, XP and others.

When you start a program, you see information on your screen, such as menus and commands. While you are using a program, the operating system is managing your computer's activities. It moves instructions and files from one part of your computer system to another as you choose commands and type information.

3. Translate into English:

набор программ

сопутствующая документация

кодированный набор инструкций

выполнение задачи

различные виды программного обеспечения

работа компьютера

текстовый редактор

системы компьютерного проектирования

управлять потоком, вводом и выводом программного обеспечения

запустить операционную систему

запустить программу

использовать программу

управлять работой компьютера

выбирать команды

версия компьютерного производителя

4. Name synonyms (find in the texts):

переводить работа компьютера

выполнять запускать программу

управлять набирать, печатать

выводить на экран

5. Find the answer in the text:

- What is software?

- What is a program?

- What do different kinds of software perform?

- What are the examples of software?

- What do a wide variety of software programs include?

- What does the operating system do?

- What is mostly wide used with personal computers?

- What do you see on your screen when you start a program?

- What does the operating system do while you are using a program?

6. Translate the following computer messages:

1.Error in drive ... . 8. Out of memory.

2. No such file or directory. 9. Errors on device.

3. No room for system on disk. 10. To or from X drive.

4.No room in directory for file. 11. Second diskette in drive.

5. No room in root directory. 12. No subdirectories.

6. No system files on drive. 13. Non-DOS disk.

7. Not enough memory for allocation. 14. Warning.


1. Find in the text and translate the following words with the dictionary. Learn the words:

like (unlike) to be followed by

to include drive letter

flow, to flow current

to maintain backslash

to configure current drive

to optimize to offer

to speed up visual way

to customize directory

shell available

command prompt keep in mind

prompt to learn

command line to search

to direct visual way

2. Read and translate the texts:

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