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Differentiating between and dealing with category A, B and C traitors: hardcore Marxists, cultural Marxists, suicidal humanists/career cynicists and capitalist globalists

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One of the foundational problems in Europe today is that the multiculturalists and the suicidal humanists lie to everyone to preserve comfortable illusions. Political correctness is a mandatory lie in European societies.


The multiculturalists have traditionally cheered the most violent totalitarian movements in other parts of the world as “freedom fighters” (Islamic and communist organisations) while native Europeans in Denmark, Germany, the UK or France who peacefully fight against becoming a persecuted minority in their own country always are labeled as racists, fascists, Nazis and generally the worst scum of the earth. Why are so called Palestinians who fight for their own country “nice” while Europeans doing the same labeled as “evil”? The answer is simple: Because native Norwegians, Brits, French, Germans are white Christians and therefore evil by default according to multiculturalist doctrines.


It is expected that native Europeans shall humbly watch and applaud their own annihilation and extinction. The fact that we are persecuted and harassed in our own countries does not violate our human rights because we are white Christians and therefore evil by default.


It is a pretty terrifying prospect that the prevailing ideology that dominates Western Europe long term will result in the extermination of people like me and you. Nevertheless, it is the only plausible theoretical explanation of the current development. As such, multiculturalism is an inversed form of Nazism where white European Christians ends up at the bottom of the food chain instead of on top. Exactly how the Jews according to National Socialist doctrines automatically were blamed for everything that went wrong in society. Multiculturalisms doctrine teaches that “white racism” is the cause of all problems in our societies. The indigenous peoples of Europe are increasingly exposed to more violence, ridicule and persecution in cities all over Western Europe. This does not result in any sympathy whatsoever. The multiculturalists become increasingly hateful in their rhetorical attacks against us the more we are humiliated by Muslims, groups they mass import to our countries. This tells us everything we need to know about their real intentions.


As we all know a large portion of the multiculturalists lie about their motives when justifying mass Muslim immigration. The most common lie is the “humanist justification”. If they were honest they would say the following:



We believe the typical European Christian man and woman, Christendom and European nationalism is the cancer of the world so we have decided to exterminate it. We will do this through multiculturalism. The next decades we will deconstruct European identity, European traditions, European culture, European Christendom and European nation states. This is a long term project that will involve new waves of the colonisation of Europe by the Islamic world etc.



Obviously, everyone with half a brain understands that this type of honesty would only result in violent uprisings. We, Europeans, would simply never accept it. This is why deceit is necessary and this is why all multiculturalists are using humanist principles as a deceptive mask to justify the overwhelming reforms we are witnessing today. Humanism is systematically exploited as a smoke screen by the multiculturalists and Muslim lobbyists that has resulted in liberal family reunification and political asylum arrangements. These are political mechanics which facilitates Islamic demographical warfare.


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