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After a successful operation - countering the misinformation campaign from the multiculturalist government – martyrdom or prison

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When an operative of any of the European Resistance Movements manages to deal a newsworthy blow to the regime (a blow big enough to penetrate censorship), the natural response from the multiculturalist regime will be to protect its ideology from any and all ideological damage. This is usually done by labeling the enemy as a madman or discrediting him as a victim in some twisted way (character assassination). They will usually claim the individual was not a cultural conservative resistance fighter but rather a pathetic victim who was bullied or discriminated against by someone at some point in his past. We see that the multiculturalists use this very efficient psy. war method again and again when they face a lethal terrorist attack of any sort.



No, no, he was not a Jihadist. He was just a misunderstood individual, a psychologically unstable victim abused/misguided by someone etc.



According to them, there is only a small core of evil Muslim fanatics in the world sitting in caves somewhere and are recruiting through the internet (through wireless satellite broadband) “vulnerable angry individuals”, victimised by society in the past, as suicide bombers. They will also claim that any European resistance fighter is just as pathetic, that all are “poor white trash psychotics, with a medieval mentality, who are making a fuss because we failed in the materialistic hierarchy”. According to their logic there are just a handful of us trying to recruit vulnerable individuals, when in fact the truth is anything but what they are trying to project.


Now, normally you would think the MSM or the government is just incredible naive for claiming this. But in fact, this deliberate strategy is everything but naive. It’s a highly sophisticated psychological warfare countermeasure designed to limit any and all ideological damage which might have been caused by the attack. Because you see, if the multiculturalist regime can prove without a reasonable doubt that the attacking force (usually a single individual cell) is a random irrelevant madman and not in fact a threatening political adversary they will successfully achieve a position where they do not have to explain to the public why said individual would want to cause ideological damage to them. It is a deliberate strategy to avoid revealing the truth, and the attackers political motives. Admitting that the attacker has some valid points would contribute to undermine the system they have chosen to protect. This strategy of ridiculing their political enemies also prevents other nationalists from pursuing the same course.


So, in any situation where an attacking force is defeated (and we will all, most likely, be defeated in phase 1) they will cling to this strategy of discredit and ridicule. Alternatively they will use censorship to silence the story to death as is the common weapon of choice in France. A countermeasure would be for the resistance fighter to actually survive the operation and attest to his political agenda. That his objective was in fact part of a larger, long term strategy to cause ideological damage to the EUSSR/USASSR multiculturalist regime as part of a 100 year plan to completely seize power through military means and replace the system. The problem, however, with allowing capture is that the regime will use all means to break the subject. They are not allowed to torture so they will have the Muslims do it for them (by placing the resistance fighter together with Muslims). They may say; we can’t torture you so we will let the Mujahedeen in our prison systems rape/torture you until you reject your beliefs. If you do not reject them after that we will let them kill you. It would be an overwhelming success for them if they managed to make a resistance fighter reject his political beliefs.

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