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A politically incorrect guide to the lynching of multiculturalist traitors (phase 2 and 3)

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One of Western Europe’s biggest historical mistakes was not to punish/execute Marxists after WW2. Marxists who went into hiding during WW2 resurfaced and came back to Western European societies after the war. Most of the lynchings were aimed at the National Socialists while the Marxists for the most part were left in peace. As we all know, that generation of Marxists were going to be instrumental in development and propagation of cultural Marxist doctrine in Europe two decades later, which would later be known under the name multiculturalism. If we had executed let’s say, 100 000 Marxist intellectuals in Western Europe after WW2 and banned all form of Marxist doctrine we could have prevented the creation of the anti-European hate ideology known as multiculturalism. It’s absolutely essential that we, the cultural conservative patriots of Europe do not repeat this mistake again. All our efforts must be to target and execute the multiculturalists wherever we find them in Phase 1, 2 and 3 of the European civil war. This will also include a large portion of so called “right wing suicidal Humanists/or individuals supporting the one-world-view (capitalists/industrialists supporting mass Muslim immigration included) but who are not necessarily Marxist sympathisers. Patriotic militias must create and update execution lists containing the names of every single parliamentarian, journalist, NGO leader/board member and university lecturer/professor etc. who has supported and propagated multiculturalist doctrines. As the war comes to an end it is critical that the patriotic organisations and military orders systematically hunt down and locate every single category A and B traitor in a coordinated effort within a specific time frame (7 day operation involving 100 hunters per 1000 traitors optimally). Uncoordinated efforts of sporadic executions will only result in a scenario where many of our targets are given the time to flee the country. This is why several patriotic movements must cooperate on a well coordinated “decisive blow” campaign as soon as possible and BEFORE the civil war has ended. It might be tempting to make a spectacle out of the celebratory “lynching” of specific targets. However, this type of behaviour is counterproductive and not at all tactical as it will draw too much attention and alert other cultural Marxist traitors. We must ensure that we focus on eliminating all cultural Marxists before they get a chance to flee the country or before they disappear off our radar. Also, individuals harbouring any category 1 or 2 traitors must be severely punished. Certain category A and B traitors may be incarcerated during the operation (if there is sufficient capacity and manpower) with the intention for an official celebratory lynching at a later point (to boost moral for our forces etc).


The reason why we should do it as described above is because of what history has taught us. If we hesitate or act due to moral reservations or act in a clumsy way, a majority of the traitors will flee the country and immediately and actively start undermining our cause from another country. If they succeed and our newborn regime collapses they will return and continue business as usual as our slave masters. We cannot trust that the courts will punish them severely enough. History proves time and time again that a large majority of post-war governments chooses the path of appeasement because they simply are unable to make a “tough decision”. They also want to “heal the national wounds quickly” and will be hesitant to allow mass killings of traitors. Another problem is that the court proceedings involving the traitors after the war will take from 1-3 years. Waiting this long will still the thirst for blood and revenge. A required rational response will be replaced with emotional appeasement. A post-war government must NEVER be trusted to sufficiently punish traitors. The risk of a repetition of a WW2 scenario is just too large. Another factor is that a majority of the category A and B traitors will have an extensive global political network which they will use to put pressure on our regime. They simply have too much political power as long as they are alive.


The biggest threat to an effective and thorough lynching campaign is the temptation to commence the deportation of Muslims. This is why the lynching force should only contain soldiers under professional leadership with the given “unofficial and clandestine” mandate.



An illustration of several successful and decisive campaigns:



- Serb Volunteer GuardSDG[1]

- Type: Paramilitary organisation

- Size: 10 000+

- Garrison HQ: Belgrade

- Nickname: Arkan's Tigers, The Tigers

- Commander: Željko Ražnatović

- Second in command: Colonel Nebojsa Djordjevic Suca and Milorad Ulemek Legija.



The Serb Volunteer Guard - SDG was a volunteer paramilitary unit founded and led by Željko Ražnatović, widely known as Arkan, during the Yugoslav reconquista.


The Guard was created on October 11, 1990 by 20 volunteers, members of the FK Red Star Belgrade football club Ultra "Delije Sever". Reportedly at most points the Guard had over 10,000 fighters. The Guard's headquarters and training camp was in Erdut, Eastern Slavonia.


The Albanian Muslims in Serbia refused deportation and convertion from Islam (and instead started armed resistance) and as such were targeted for annihilation.





1. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Serb_Volunteer_Guard



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