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An English town

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Dorking is a small town about 25 miles south of London. Most of the buildings in Dorking are at least 100 years old. The church is about 150 years old, and many of the houses are of that age. One street, West Street, is very old. It is full of antique shops, and many of them are in seventeenth-century buildings. There are also many old pubs in Dorking and one old hotel. But not all the buildings in the town are old; the town hall is a very modern building; there is also a modern shopping centre and a very new sports centre. There are many restaurants in Dorking and a lot of shops; there are two supermarkets, but no department stores. Every Friday, there is market in the town.

Dorking’s communications are very good. There are three railway stations, with lines going north to London, west to Guildford and east to Gatwick, London’s second airport. Dorking is also close to the M25, which is the motorway that goes around London. Another road, the A24, goes north to London and south to the coast.

Answer the questions according to this text

1. How far is Dorking from London?

2. How old is the church?

3. Where can you find antique shops?

4. Is the town hall an old building?

5. How many supermarkets are there in Dorking?

6. How many department stores are there?

7. Which day is market day?

8. Where does the railway line north to go?

9. What is Gatwick?


Numerals are:

Cardinal – one, two, and etc.

Ordinal – the first, the fifth and etc.

1. Write in words:

4, 14, 40, 5, 15, 50, 9, 19, 90, 9th, 90th, 8, 8th. 18th, 80th, 100, 123, 405, 675, 809, 2000, 136th, 702nd, 335th.

Fill in appropriate articles where necessary

1. It was only…fifth of July, and no meeting was fixed with Fleur until…ninth. 2. June walked straight up to her former friend, kissed her cheek, and …two settled down on a sofa never sat on since the hotel’s foundation. 3. The letter bored him, and when it was followed next day by another, and the day after by… third, he began to worry. 4. Philip looked at his uncle with disapproval when he took … second piece of cake. 5. They talked of … thousand things, and they all talked at once. 6. James looked at her sideways and placed … second piece of ham in his mouth. 7. The phone rang almost immediately … third time. 8. The phone, ringing for … fourth time, interrupted his thoughts. 9. …three times I have already done that. Everything! Then this time will make … fourth. 10. That question, too, be bad asked himself…thousand times.


Note that we do not end in – s

e.g.: 200 – two hundred, 6,000 – six thousand.


3. How do we say large numbers?

a. Say these numbers: 200; 2,000; 2,000, 000; 2,000, 000, 000


b. Say these numbers: 15,000,000; 85,900; 4,000,000,000; 7,650,300

Practice saying these numbers

18; 50; 100,000,000; 22,500,000; 100; 73,000,000,000; 75; 591; 13,640,872; 1,000; 11; 22; 9,300; 157; 916,500

Read the text.

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