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November 14-15, 2013

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Institute of Economic Studies, Karelian Research Centre, Russian Academy of Sciences

Young Scientists and Specialists Board of the Republic of Karelia

With support from the Government of the Republic of Karelia

invite you to take part in the



Th Youth Economic Forum



November 14-15, 2013

THE PRINCIPAL OBJECTIVEof the Youth Economic Forum is to combine the efforts of young scientists involved in research in economics by setting up a platform for discussion of theoretical and applied problems of socioeconomic development.

BACKGROUND:theYouth Economic Forum has been organized in Petrozavodsk since 2008 with support from the Russian Foundation for Basic Research. The Forum is hosted by scientific and educational institutions, namely the KarRC of RAS Institute of Economic Studies, Karelian Research Centre of RAS, Karelian Branch of the Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration, Petrozavodsk State University. Papers by the participating young scientists are published in the Forum Proceedings.

PARTICIPANTS:University students, doctoral and postdoctoral students, young scientists, as well as their research supervisors are invited to participate. A special session with a wide range of economic topics will be organized for schoolchildren. There are no age limitations: any individuals or organizations with interests of relevance for the Forum profile and the youth scientific policy are welcome.

THEMES:The 5th Youth Economic Forum is devoted to international economic integration and its manifestations at different levels: from the global through the local. The Forum participants are encouraged to discuss the problems of economic interactions between countries and regions related to establishment of the international labour division system, relaxation of barriers and promotion of resource mobility, formation of integration networks and establishments, as well as the political, legal and social aspects of the problem.

The following thematic areas are suggested for sessions and roundtables:

- Economic integration of countries and regions as an aspect of the globalization of the world economy;

- International political integration processes and their effect on socioeconomic development;

- Formation of regional integration arrangements;

- Eurasian economic integration;

- Integration between Russia and European Union (EURegio Karelia experience);

- Russia and WTO: first results of the integration process;

- Russian business in the international labour division system;

- Interregional integration and national economic space of Russia;

- Cross-border cooperation between regions and municipalities;

- Integration and innovation-driven development;

- Social and legal aspects of economic integration;

- Migration challenges in the progress of integration processes;

- Integration for sustainable development and transition to the “green economy”.

Please submit your application for participation in the Forum and the full text of your paper up to 20 000 symbols at forum_insteco@inbox.ru before September 15th, 2013. Before this date the participants can also send their proposals on the Forum programme (topics for sessions, roundtables, master classes, etc.).

You can register and see the guidelines for authors at the Forum website: http://econforum.ru/

Only papers presented at one of the Forum sessions and approved by the editorial board will be published in the proceedings. Students and doctoral students are required to additionally submit a review of the paper by a person with the doctoral or postdoctoral degree.

Only participation in person is acceptable.

For further details call +78142 57-07-27.

Information about the forum can be found on the Web at:

http://econforum.ru/, http://economy.krc.karelia.ru/

Vkontakte community: http://vk.com/club4612103

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