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Special questions. How old is he? - Eighteen.

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What Where Who How How old What What kind of( books) Why Whose friend What colour is are is are is is is are is is he? you from? John? you? he? your father like? he fond of? you late? Mary? our flag? - She’s a shop assistant. - from Germany. - He’s their son. - Not bad, thanks. - Eighteen - He’s sociable and very clever - Historical books. - My watch is wrong. - She’s my friend. - It’s white, blue and red.


How old is he? - Eighteen.

What is your father like? - He’s sociable and very clever.

What kind of ( books) is he fond of? - Historical books.

Why are you late? - My watch is wrong.


Exercise 8.Ask and answer questions.


Example: What colour is a banana? – It’s yellow.


The sun

Ambulances in Moscow?

What colour is/are Roses?

The Christmas tree?

The sky


Exercise 9.Complete the sentences.

Example: Where are my books? – On the table.

1._ _ _ that clock? 2._ _ Paul from? 3._ _ your favourite subject? 4._ _ _music you fond of? About a hundred years old. Denmark, I think. Mathematics. Rock music.


Exercise 10.Ask the questions.

Example: What is your name? – My name’s Mark.

  1. _________________?
  2. _________________?
  3. _________________?
  4. _________________?
  5. _________________?
  6. _________________?
Her name’s Pam. No my mother isn’t very young. Yes, it is Frank Ellis. Jane. My shoes are black. Olga is very kind.


Tag questions

I am a genius aren’t I? - Yes, I am./No, I am not.
He   a teenager   he? - Yes, he is./No, he isn’t
She is a Londoner isn’t she? - Yes, she is./No, she isn’t
It   far from here   it? Yes, it is./No, it isn’t.
We       we? -Yes, we are./ No, we aren’t.
You are in the city centre aren’t you? - Yes, you are./No, you aren’t.
They       they? - Yes, they are./ No, they aren’t.
I am not a schoolboy am I? - No, I’m not./ Yes, I am.
He isn’t married is he? - No, he isn’t./ Yes, he is.
She isn’t at home is she? - No, she isn’t./Yes, she is.



It isn't easy, is. it? - No, it isn't. / Yes, it is.
We   You   They     Aren't old, are We? — No, we aren't. / Yes, we are.
    you? - No you aren’t / Yes, you are.
    they? -No, they aren't / Yes, they are.

Exercise 11. Give the correct tag to these sentences.

1. Your mother is thirty-seven years old, ___?

2. It's her birthday today, ___?

3. I'm not in class now, ___?

4. You aren't married, ___?

5. They are Russian, ___?

6. I'm fond of hard rock, ___?

7. Alice isn't very friendly, ­­___?

Exercise 12. Ask questions about the information in italics. Example: My mother is 50. — How old is your mother?

1. I'm from a small town in the South of Russia.

2. Yes, Linda is a first-year student.

3. Tom and Sue are sociable and very intelligent.

4. My sister is fond of classical music.

5. I am a bank clerk.

6. Today Tony is at home because it's Sunday.

7. His home telephone number is 678-8996.

8. It's 4 o'clock and you are at work.

E. Bazanova, Moscow, Drofa.

Revision test

Put in am, is or are.

  1. The weather _is_ very nice today.
  2. I ___ not tired.
  3. This case ___ very heavy.
  4. These cases ___ very heavy.
  5. The dog ___ asleep.
  6. Look! There ___ Carol.
  7. I ___ hot. Can you open the window, please?
  8. This castle ___ one thousand years old.
  9. My brother and I ___ good tennis players.
  10. Ann ___ at home but her children ___ at school.
  11. I ___ a student. My sister ___ an architect.


Write full sentences. Use am/is/are each time

  1. (my shoes very dirty) ___My shoes are very dirty
  2. (my bed very comfortable) My ______
  3. (your cigarettes in your bag) ______
  4. (I not very happy today) ______
  5. (this restaurant very expensive) ______
  6. (the shops not open today) ______
  7. (Mr. Kelly's daughter six gars old) ______
  8. (the houses in this street' Very old) ______
  9. (the examination not difficult) ______
  10. (those flowers very beautiful) ______


Write positive or negative sentences. Use am/am not/is/isn't/are/aren't.

1. (Paris/the capital of France) Paris is the capital of France.

2. (I/interested in football) _I’m interested in football.

3. (I /hungry) I ______

4. (it/warm today) It ____________ today.

5. (Rome/in Spain) Rome ______

6. (I/afraid of dogs) I ______

7. (my hands/cold) My ______

8. (Canada/a very big country) ______

9. (the Amazon/in Africa) ______

10. (diamonds/cheap) ______

Write questions from these words. Use am/Is/are.

  1. (your mother at home?) _Is your mother at home?
  2. (your parents at home?) __________at home?
  3. (this hotel expensive?) __________?
  4. (you interested in art?) __________?
  5. (the shops open today?) __________?
  6. (the park open today?) __________?


Write questions with What/Who/How/Where/Why ...? Use am/is/are.

  1. (what colour your car?) What colour is your car?
  2. (where my key?) Where ______?
  3. (where my socks?) __________?
  4. (how old your father?) How __________?
  5. (what colour his eyes?) __________?
  6. (why John angry with me?) __________?
  7. (how much these shoes?) __________?
  8. (who your favourite actor?) __________?
  9. (why you always late?) __________?

Write positive or negative short answers (Yes, I am/No, he isn't etc.).

  1. Are you married? _No, I’m not.
  2. Are you tall? _Yes, I’m._
  3. Is it cold today? __________
  4. Are you a teacher? __________
  5. Are you tired? __________
  6. Is it dark now? __________
  7. Are your hands cold? __________
  8. Are you hungry? __________
  9. Is your father tall? __________
  10. Is it sunny? __________

Raymond Murphy. Essential Grammar in Use.

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