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Obtaining Network Information

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If your computer won't be connected to a network, you can skip this section. First you need to decide whether your computer is joining a domain or a workgroup. If you don't know which option to choose, or if your computer won't be connected to a network, select the workgroup option. (You can always join a domain after you install Windows XP Professional). If you select the domain option, ask your network administrator to create a new computer account in that domain or reset your existing account.

Lesson 4

My computer's gone wrong!

1. Read and memorize the following words.

Terrible – жахливий;

self-employed – працюючий на себе;

deadline - граничний термін;

to switch off – вимикати;

suddenly – раптово;

exactly – точно.

2. Read the telephone conversation and put the correct auxiliary verb (to be, to do, to have) into each gap. Use the contracted form where possible.

D) Good afternoon, Apple Helpline here. I’m Damian. How can I help you?

V) Oh, at last! Hello, Damian. I (a) ________________ got a terrible problem with my computer. It (b) ________________ (not) working at all!

D) OK, OK. Tell me your name and your company name and describe what (c) ________________ happened.

V) My name’s Valerie, Val actually, Valerie Marks. I (d) ________________ (not) work for a company, I’m self-employed. I work at home, and I (e) ________________ trying to meet an important deadline at the moment. This morning I (f) ________________ working away happily, when suddenly everything stopped and a message came on the screen. Then the screen went blank.

D) OK Val, (g) ________________ (not) worry! What (h) ________________ the message say?

V) I can’t remember exactly, because I (i) ________________ (not) understand it, but I think it said something about not enough memory.

D) It’s OK, Val. I understand. Tell me, Val, (j) ________________ you switched the computer off?

V) No, I (k) ________________ (not). It’s still on.

D) Fine, Val. Now do exactly what I say. Go to your computer, OK? Can you see a “W” in the top right-hand corner? Click on that “W” with the mouse. What (d) ________________ it say? Can you read it to me?

V) It says three things. There's a list of three things. First it says...

3. Here are some questions about the conversation. The words are mixed up. Put them in the right order. Then answer the question.

a) Val the is why Apple Helpline ringing?


Because _______________________________________


b) work for Val does company which?


She _______________________________________

с) doing when computer she her was what stopped?


She _______________________________________

d) Val why remember message the can’t?


Because _______________________________________


e) switched computer she has her off?


No, _______________________________________

4.Contracted forms

Rewrite the sentences with contracted forms where they are possible.

Example I do not know where the post office is. I don’t know where the post office is.

a) She has got two brothers and she does not get on with either of them.


b) He has no brothers or sisters, he is an only child.



с) We were not interested in the film so we did not stay until the end.



d) He did not go to the party because he had a cold.



e) They are getting married when they have saved enough money.



f) John is not sure where Jill is.




g) She is feeding the dog. It is always fed at six o'clock.



h) I do not want them to know who I am.



i) Do you not understand what I am saying?



j) Where is the man who has been to New Zealand?


5. а).Translate the text in writing

Installing a new operating system

When installing a new operating system, you need to make several choices. The Windows XP Setup Wizard and this document guide you through these choices. You also learn how to connect your computer to a network.

Important: Before you begin, you should also read the file Read1st.txt, which is on the Windows XP Professional CD. This file contains late-breaking information that was unavailable when these release notes and the product documentation was written, including preinstallation notes vital to the success of your installation.

b).Translate the text in writing

To ensure a successful installation, complete the following tasks, which are described in the sections that follow, before you install Windows XP:

· Make sure your hardware components meet the minimum requirements.

· Obtain compatible hardware and software, such as upgrade packs and new drivers.

· Obtain network information.

· Back up your current files in case you need to restore your current operating system.

· Determine whether you want to perform an upgrade or install a new copy of Windows XP Professional.

If you're installing a new copy, identify and plan for any advanced setup options you might want.

6. Answer the following questions

1. What kind of hardware and software should you obtain?



2. Do you need to back up your current files? Why?



3. What do you need for installing a new copy?



4. What should your hardware components meet?



5. What should you determine installing the Windows XP Professional?



Lesson 5

Communication with computer

1. Read and memorize the following words.


BASIC –(Beginner's All-purpose Symbolic Instruction Code) Бейсік;

FORTRAN – (FORmula TRANslation) Фортран;

ALGOL - (Algorithmic Language) Алгол;

COBOL - (COmmon Business-Oriented Language) Кобол;

considered – обґрунтований;

comprehensive – комплексний, повний;

to express – виражати;

accepted – прийнятий;

advantage – перевага;

relatively – відносно.

2. What programming languages for communication with the computer do you know? What languages do you use to communicate with the computer?

Men use languages in order to communicate with each other. When the man wishes to communicate with the computer he uses in the same way "languages" such as BASIC, PASCAL, ADA, FORTRAN, ALGOL, COBOL and others.

BASIC is considered to be one of the easiest programming languages to learn. It is now used almost universally.

PASCAL is a general purpose high level programming language. It is named after the famous French mathematician, Blaze Pascal. In 1642 he designed and built the first mechanical calculator, the «Pascaline».

ADA is a high level programming language. It is a PASCAL-based language, but much more comprehensive than PASCAL. It was named after Augusta Ada Byron (1816-1852), daughter of the English poet, Lord Byron.

FORTRAN is a problem oriented high level programming language for scientific and mathematical use. FORTRAN was the first high level programming language. It was developed in 1956 and was designed to easily express mathematical formulas for computer processing. It is still widely used as a programming language.

ALGOL – was developed as an international language for the expression of the algorithms between individuals as well as a programming language. It was introduced in the early l960s. ALCOL was originally known as IAL or International Algebraic Language.

COBOL is internationally accepted programming language developed for general commercial use. The advantages of using COBOL are that it is relatively simple to learn and programs can be quickly written and tested. Pro­grammers can easily understand programs not written by themselves.

3. Make up sentences:

BASIC PASCAL ADA FORTRAN ALGOL COBOL is - high level programming language. - an international language for the expression of the algorithms. -the easiest programming languages to learn. - internationally accepted programming language. - a problem oriented high level programming language. - a PASCAL-based language.

4. Are the sentences true or false? Correct the false sentences.

1 Men use languages in order to communicate with each other.

2 ADA was designed to easily express mathematical formulas for computer processing.

3 ALCOL was originally known as IAL.

4 The advantages of using COBOL are that it is relatively simple to learn.

5 PASCAL is named after the famous German mathematician.

6 FORTRAN isn’t still widely used as a programming language.

7 Augusta Ada Byron was Byron’s wife.

5. Translate the sentences into English

1. Люди використовують язики, щоб спілкуватись.


2. Коли людина бажає поспілкуватися з комп’ютером, вона використовує мови програмування, наприклад, Бейсик, Паскаль, Ада, Фортран, Алгол та інші.



3. Бейсик вважаеться одним з найлегших для вивчення.



4. Паскаль названий в честь французького математика Блеза Паскаля.



5. Фортран був першим язиком програмування високого рівня.



6. Алгол був розроблений як міжнародний язик для вираження алгоритмів між користувачем і язиком програмування.


6. a).Translate the text in writing

Upgrading vs. Installing a New Copy

After you start the Windows XP Setup Wizard, one of the first decisions you have to make is whether to upgrade your current operating system or to perform an entirely new installation. During the setup process, you must choose between upgrading or installing a new copy of Windows (a "clean install").

During an upgrade, the Windows XP Setup Wizard replaces existing

Windows files but preserves your existing settings and applications.

b). Translate the text in writing

When installing a new operating system, you need to make several choices. The Windows XP Setup Wizard and this document guide you through these choices. You also learn how to connect your computer to a network.

Important: Before you begin, you should also read the file Read1st.txt, which is on the Windows XP Professional CD. This file contains late-breaking information that was unavailable when these release notes and the product documentation was written, including preinstallation notes vital to the success of your installation


8. Put 5 questions on text





3._____________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________

4._____________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________

5._____________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________

Lesson 6

Buying a computer

1. Read and memorize the following words.

to be involved into- займатися;

to entertain –розважати;

batch –пакет;

the stock of the company -основний капітал компании;

“brand-name” - престижна категория товарных знаків, що присвоюють дуже якісним оригінальним товарам;

data security -захист інформаціі;

to prove –доводити;

versatile –універсальний;

anticipate –очікувати;

robust –надійний;

sophisticated – вдосконалений.

2. Read and translate the text very carefully.

Some Kbytes from Peter Norton's Life

Nobody knew an ordinary programmer called Norton in 1981. After being involved in programming since 1969, he bought one of PCs just appeared on the market. Just for fun. In 1982 at the age of thirty nine he left his job in the aerospace industry and founded his own firm "PETER NORTON COMPUTING", which began to supply utilities for IBM-compatible PC.

The stock of the company was $ 30 000. And the personnel consisted of one and the only man - P.N. himself. The main product at that time was THE NORTON UTILITIES BATCH which allowed the users to recreate lost data. Very soon Norton's name became known to millions and his products became a "brand-name". Peter Norton is a bachelor of mathematics from the famous Berkeley University. At that time he became and still is the presiding genius in the PC industry. For more than 20 years Norton has been saving people from catastrophes with computers. He enables them to manipulate data easily, protects from viruses and provides data security. His BMW number - "Mr. IBM PC" - proves that.

3Answer these questions. If possible, ask someone else the same questions.

1.When was Peter Norton born?

2. When did Peter Norton start programming?

3. What was his aim?

4. Where did hework before founding his own company?

5. How did hecall the company?

6. What was the first product of the company?

7. What university did hegraduate from?

8. How does Peter Norton save people?

9. What is his BMW number?

4. Discuss and dramatize the following dialogue:

Shop assistant How can I help you today?

CustomerI'm thinking of buying a laptop, and I have a few questions.

Shop assistant What would you like to know?

CustomerA friend of mine recommended buying Lap-Pal 2000. I'm wondering about power compatibility - I'll be taking this computer back to Argentina with me.

Shop assistant That's not a problem. This laptop has a universal power adapter.

You won't need to buy anything extra.

CustomerOK. Does the package include a modem and DVD?

Shop assistant Yes, it does.

CustomerThat's good. Is this all the software that's included?

Shop assistant I think you'll find that the software package is very versatile. But if you anticipate needing something specific, I'm sure we can help you out.

CustomerI’ll need something with more robust capabilities for spreadsheets and databases.

Shop assistant Then I'd suggest moving up to the Versa2 package. It's a little more sophisticated, and it has enhanced printing and expanded memory.

CustomerHow much is this package?

Shop assistant Right now we're running a promotion. You can get the Versa2 software option for $79 over the base price.

CustomerI see. Would you suggest purchasing an extended warranty?

Shop assistant Oh, yes. The package comes with a standard one-year warranty on parts and labor, but I’d recommend getting that extended option. It's only an additional $259, and you can avoid paying for repairs during the first three years.

CustomerWould you consider throwing in the extended warranty?

Shop assistant Well, at these low prices, I'm afraid I can't do that.

CustomerMm... OK, I'll take it anyway, with the standard warranty.

5. Complete this text about using a computer for word processing.

I wrote a report on the (1) ________________ this morning. When I finished, I (2) __________________ out two copies-one for me and one for my boss. Then without any warning, the computer went (3) __________________ and I’m afraid I lost the whole document. This is very unusual because normally I (4) __________________ the data while I’m writing and then make a (5) ________________ copy when I have finished, this morning I forgot.

Anyway, I gave the report to my boss, hoping that she would not ask me to change it in any way. She did. She thought it was a bit long and said it would be better if I used more (6) ________________ to illustrate some of the written information. She also thought it would make the report look more attractive.

I went back and rewrote most of the report when the computer was OK. Only I (7) __________________ part of the middle section which was rather repetitive, and I added extra (8) ________________ as my boss advised. It did look better by the time I’d finished, and this time I remembered to (9) ______________ it and make a (10) _______________copy.

Lesson 7

Computers: the software and the hardware

1. Read and memorize the following words:

application – використання;

to expand – простягатись;

breadth – широта;

virtually - фактично; на справді;

modernity – сучасність;

subtle – розумний, вишуканий;

thought – ціль, намір;

intangible – невідчутний;

capable – здібний;

to evaluate – оцінювати;

decisive – вирішальний;

to obtain – здобувати, отримувати;

ingeniously – винахідливий.

2. What is the purpose of using electronic computers? What software programs are you familiar with?

Because of extraordinary technological development during the past decades, the term computer is becoming a household word. Computer applications have expanded to such breadth that the computer is now an integral part of virtually every type of business and industrial enterprise.

The number of electronic computers used in any given field of human activity is sometimes believed to indicate the degree of its modernity. For example the more computers scientific institute uses the more modern it is believed to be. It is not always born in mind, however, that computers alone represent only what is called the hardware. i.e. the machinery together with its subtle technical and logical design. In order that the hardware may be used effectively, another essential factor is needed: the so-called software or applied thoughts. The preparation of computer programs, the working out of the logical aspects of material to be manipulated in a computer, takes up as much, if not more time as the actual production of the hardware and is by no mean easier. The software, as most intangible product, is not always capable of being readily evaluated. This, however, does not change the fact that: it is at least as decisive as the hardware in obtaining solutions tо concrete scientific and technological problems.

There are two basic types of electronic computers: digital and analogue. Each type has its uses in various fields. However, they have one thing in common: for their effective operation they require ingeniously thought-out software.

3. Make sentences:

Software Hardware Computer iis a machinery used for processing information. the hardware and the software. the programme products developed on logical aspect of material.

4. Are the sentences true of false? Correct the false sentences.

1. The term computer is a household world.


2. Electronic computers are believed to indicate the degree of human modernity.


3. The software is necessary for more effective operation of hardware.


4. The preparation of computer programs takes up little time.


5. The hardware is a main fact in obtaining solutions to concrete scientific and technological problems.


6. The different types of computers have one thing in common.


5. Answer these questions. If possible, ask someone else the same questions.

1. What is the difference between the software and the hardware?



2. What one thing in common have digital and analogue electronic computers?




3. What does determine the degree of computers modernity?




4. What types electronic computers do you know?




6. Put each of the following words or phrases in its correct place in the passage below.

software computers screen word processor

hardware calculator keyboard printer

So you only have a pocket (a) ______________ to do additions, multiplications and so on, and you want to know about real (b) _____________? Right. Well, the machines themselves are called the (c)_______________and the programs that you feed into then are called the (d)______________, if you want to see the results of what you are doing, you'll need a (e)______________or you'll have to plug in to a television set. You'll operate your machine like a typewriter by pressing keys on the (f)____________. If you want a record on paper of what you're doing, you'll need a (g) _______________ and if you want a machine which will enable you to see, arrange, re-arrange and then print a page of material, then the machine you want is a (h)_______________. Do you want colour? Well, you can ...

7. Translate the sentences into English.

1. Електронні комп'ютери використовувані в людській діяльності є індикаторами ступеня розвитку суспільства.




2. Окремо комп'ютер являє собою засіб із тонкими технічними і логічними розроб





3. Для того, щоб ефективно використовувати апаратний засіб необхідний інший суттєвий фактор: програмне забеспечення.




4. Часто розробка програм для комп'ютера займає більше часу, чим саме виробництво комп’ютера.




5. Апаратний засіб с вирішальним фактором для рішення конкретних науково-технічних проблем.




6. Існують два основних типи електронних комп'ютерів: цифровий і аналоговий.



Lesson 8

The effects of computers on our ability to think

1. Read and memorize the following words.

to decrease –зменшувати, знижати;

to reduce –послабляти;

mental – інтелектуальний, розумовий;

to deteriorate – погіршувати;

properly – як слід;

to penalize – покарати;

to deteriorate – погіршуватися;

reference – відношення;

widespread – розповсюджений;

math – математика, математичні дії;

incapable – неспроможній;

skill – уміння;

ridiculous – цікаво;

stick down – записувати;

to sort it out – выдсортирувати;

equal – рівний;

to judge – засуджувати;

sensible – доцільно;

boring – нудний;

to improve – вдосконалюватися;

nightmare – кошмар;

scenario – сценарій;

to attain – досягати;

consciousness – розуміння;

to team – об’єднуватися;

monitor – радник.

2. You are going to hear a man and a woman discussing the effects of computers on our ability to think. Before you listen look at the statements below and tick (/) those which support the idea that computers decrease our ability to think and put a cross (x) by those which are against this view.

1. The pocket calculator has reduced our ability to do mental arithmetic.

2. The pocket calculator is a great time-saver and gives people time to do more

interesting tasks.

3. People who learn to write on a computer with a spell-check can't spell properly.

4. People who can’t spell won't be penalized аnу more.

5. The level of culture will deteriorate because the software programmers will

become the main reference.

6. Humans will always be needed to program computers.

3. Discuss and dramatize the following dialogue.

WOMAN OK, take the pocket calculator, that was the first widespread tool. It has destroyed the ability of a whole generation to do simple maths - yeah, mental arithmetic. And that means a generation of teachers who are incapable of teaching simple maths. How are we going to get that skill back?

MAN That's ridiculous! It's just a time-saver, I mean, there's so much more to learn and understand that. I mean, just using а calculator or any machine frees our minds. It gives us time for, to think about much more difficult and interesting things.

WOMAN OK, OK, what about the spell-check programs on word processors? You don't have to worry about learning to write properly anymore. You just stick it down any old how and the computer will sort it out. Well, look, just imagine a teacher who can't spell or write properly.

MAN I think that that's, that's just the best development. It means that people are actually more equal now. Because somebody who, who couldn't spell at all can become the best speller in the world. We won't be judging people on the way they write, but on their ideas. And that's much more important. It's far more sensible. It's just stupid to judge people on how they spell. Look, imagine all the time you can save at school. No more, no more boring dictation exercises.

WOMAN OK. What about, what about reading, our source of culture will be the software programmers and not novelists. You know, no, in the future, it won't be novelists. Just imagine that. How can our thinking processes improve if we are all culturally the poorer and we all think the same? Already children spend more time in front of the screen and less time in books.

MAN That's just, that's just a nightmare scenario. That's just panic. These programs are all tools; they just give people more time for other more important things. Maybe reading books! Computers will never replace the human brain. They can't! We need humans to, to program them in the first place.

WOMAN Unless computers attain consciousness, then they'll be able to program themselves!

MAN Oh, never!

WOMAN No, I'm sure that isn't far off. They already make important decisions for us. These so-called networks which team from experience. They do. They already do things like monitor drugs for patients who are very ill or they, they even take business decisions. It's just a question оf time. In a few decades we'll be asking the computers to re-teach us how to make decisions. You wait and see!

4. Match the pairs of words and memorize them to read the text easily:

a fellow to earn a degree UCLA residency in pediatrics М. D. - спеціалізація в педіатрії; - член наукового товариства; - отримати диплом; - Doctor of Medicine; - University of California, Los Angeles

5. Read and translate the text very carefully.

Richard Wilton

Currently a fellow in the Medical Informatics program at the University of California, Los Angeles, Richard Wilton (born in 1953) earned a M.D. from UCLA and completed his residency in pediatrics at the Children's Hospital of Los Angeles. He has been programming computers since the late 1960s and has worked with IBM mainframes as well as with various microcomputers. Wilton has written about IBM PC and PS/2 program­ming for BYTE, Computer language, and The Seybold Outlook on Pro­fessional Computing. He is the author of Programmer's Guide to PC and PS/2 Video Systems, published by Microsoft Press.

6Answer these questions. If possible, ask someone else the same questions.

1. How many years is Peter Norton older than Richard Wilton?



2. What is Wilton by profession?




3. How long has he been programming?




4. What journals has he written for?




5. Does Wilton programming have any links with his original profession?



Lesson 9

The Internet

1. Read and memorize the following words.

to embrace– охоплювати;

to survive – перенести, пережити;

path – стежка;

available – доступний;

packet switching - комутація пакунків;

оwing – внаслідок;

to knock out – вибити;

host computer – вузловий комп’ютер;

fairly – об’єктивно;

routers – маршрутизатори;

accurately – безпомилково;

Usenet - система телеконференцій Internet ( NetNews );

FTS - Federal Telephone System федеральна телефонна система;

telnet - базова послуга в мережі, що дозволяє абоненту Internet дистанційно підключатися до інших віддалених станцій та працювати з ними зі своєї машини;

Gopher - одна з груп новин в Usenet, розробленна в 1991 г. в Університеті штату Міннесота;

reliable – надійний;

hourly – погодинно;

fee – платня;

drastically –рішуче;

garment – одяг;

to refine – покращити, вдосконалити;

skilled – кваліфікований;

inexpensive – недорогий;

computer-aided-design - допоміжні засоби автоматизованого проектування;

running – робочий стан;

to intercept – перехопити;

to encoding – шифрувати, кодувати;

2. In our age of rapid scientific progress and scientific discoveries electronic computing is becoming a branch of economy. It serves as the foundation of economic and engineering progress. Research is impossible without computers. "The Internet" has an important influence on our daily lives. Will it be important in helping people from different countries to learn English?

The Internet, a global computer network which embraces millions of users all over the word, began in the United States in 1969 as a military experiment. It was designed to survive a nuclear war. Information sent over the Internet takes the shortest path available from one computer to another. Because of this, any two computers on the Internet will be able to stay in touch with each other as long as there is a single route between them. This technology is called packet switching. Owing to this technology, if some computers on the network are knocked out (by a nuclear explosion, for example), information will just route around them. One such packet switching network already survived a war. It was the Iraqi computer network which was not knocked out during the Gulf War.

Most of the Internet host computers (more than 50%) are in the United States, while the rest are located in more than 100 other countries. Although the number of host computers can be counted fairly accurately, nobody knows exactly how many people use the Internet, there are millions, and their number is growing by thousands each month worldwide.

The most popular Internet service is e-mail. Most of the people, who have access to the Internet, use the network only for sending and receiving e-mail messages. However, other popular services are available on the Internet: reading USENET News, using the World-Wide Web, telnet, FTP, and Gopher.

In many developing countries the Internet may provide businessmen with a reliable alternative to the expensive and unreliable telecommunications systems of these countries. Commercial users can communicate over the Internet with the rest of the world and can do it very cheaply. When they send e-mail messages they only have to pay for phone calls to their local service providers, not for calls across their countries or around the world. But who actually pays for sending e-mail messages over the Internet long distances, around the world? The answer is very simple: an user pays his/her service provider a monthly or hourly fee. Part of this fee goes towards its costs to connect to a larger service provider. And part of the fee got by the larger provider goes to cover its cost ofrunning a worldwide network of wires and wireless stations.

But saving money is only the first step. If people see that they can make money from the Internet, commercial use of this network will drastically increase. For example, some western architecture companies and garment centers already transmit their basic designs and concepts over the Internet into China, where they are reworked and refined by skilled – but inexpensive – Chinese computer-aided-design specialists.

However, some problems remain. The most important is security. When you send an e-mail message to somebody, this message can travel through many different networks and computers. The data are constantly being directed towards its destination by special computers called routers. Because of this, it is possible to get into any of computers along the route, intercept and even change the data being sent over the Internet. In spite of the fact that there are many strong encoding programs available, nearly all the information being sent over the Internet is transmitted without any form of encoding, i.e. «in the clear». But when it becomes necessary to send important information over the network, these encoding programs may be useful. Some American banks and companies even conduct transactions over the Internet. However, there are still both commercial and technical problems which will take time to be resolved.

3 Make up sentences.

The Internet The most popular Internet service The messages Commercial users Some banks and companies is can - travel through many different network and computers, - communicate over the Internet with the rest of the world, - a global computer network, - e-mail, - conduct transaction over the Internet.

4. Are the sentences true of false? Correct the false sentences.

1. In many developing countries the Internet may provide business men with telecommunication systems in their countries.

2. An user pays his/her service provider a monthly or hourly fee for sending e-mail massage over the Internet long distances.

3. When you send an e-mail message to somebody it can't travel through many different network and computers.

4. In spite of the fact that there are many strong encoding programs available all the information is transmitted.

5. It was the Iraqi computer network which was not knocked during the Gulf War.

6. Some American banks and companies even conduct transactions over the


7. There are no any problems which will take time to be resolved.

5. Answer the question; if possible, ask someone else the same questions.

1. What is the Internet?




2. What was the Internet originally designed for?




3. What country are most of the Internet host computers in?




4. What is the most popular Internet service?




5. Whom do you have to pay for sending e-mail massages?




6. Fill in the blanks with the necessary words:

1. The store ........................ a numerical quantities and data which are to be processed. (contains, concludes, consists of)

2. The arithmetic unit normally ........................the operation of addition, subtraction. multiplication and division and certain other special operations. (performs, carries out, carry)

3. The input and output devices are to supply information and to........................it from the computer. (obtain, receive, get)

4. Computers are a million times ........................than humans in performing computing operation. (faster, quicker, rapid)

5. The number of electronic computers used in any given field of human activity is sometimes believed to........................the degree of its modernity. (indicate, show, testify)

7. Translate the sentences info English.

1. Мережа Інтернет була розроблена для того щоб пережити ядерну війну.




2. Хоча кількість вузлових комп'ютерів може бути розрахована досить вірно, ніхто не знає, скільки людей використовують Інтернет.




3. Більшість людей, які мають доступ в Інтернет, використовують мережу тільки для того, щоб відіслати або отримати повідомлення електронною поштою.




4. Коли вони відсилають повідомлення електронною поштою, то вони повинні платити тільки за телефонні дзвінки своїм місцевим провайдерам.




5. Коли люди бачать, що можуть отримувати гроші з Інтернету, то комерційне використання цієї мережі зростає.




6. Найбільша проблема Інтернету - проблема безпеки.




7. Не дивлячись на те, що існує велика кількість потужних кодових програм, майже вся інформація, яку відсилають через Інтернет, передасться без будь-якої форми кодування, тобто в чистому вигляді.



Lesson 10

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