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IV. Creative understanding and application. Task 1.You are a movie tycoon

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Task 1.You are a movie tycoon. You decide to invent a new technique to attract more cinema-goers. Think about an extraordinary technique and be ready to present it in a written form and orally. Be creative.







Students should know:

· topical vocabulary of this unit;

· major categories of films;

· main film genres;

· main film subgenres;

· minor film subgenres;

· examples of film of different genres, subgenres.


Students should be able to:

· decide the genre of a film by its description;

· give synonyms, definitions to the words from the topical vocabulary;

· match parts of words to make up words (word combinations);

· match colour posters with films of different genres;

· make up a discussion on the base of a read text;

· listen a recording for understanding details;

· express their own attitude towards the content of an audio (read) text;

· make up a riddle on a given situation;

· make up a trailer of a film in a written (oral) form;

· make up and present a report on a given topic.



I. Recognition, memorization, reproduction

Task 1.Before getting acquainted with main film genres read the following major categories of films, find Russian equivalents.


Major Categories (Mega Genres) or Classifications of Film Contrasting Types of Films
non-fiction / documentary / biopic fiction
feature film short / short subject, anthology film (film with two or more discrete stories) / serial
silents talkies
“A”/ first-run picture “B” picture (and lower)
regular 3-D
black and white Color
widescreen “pan and scan” format
animated film live-action film
domestic film foreign-language film (sub-titled or dubbed)
original version prequel, sequel, re-release and remake
mainstream (big-budget Hollywood) studio film, sometimes blockbuster independent (aka indie) / amateur / avant-garde / experimental-underground film (usually low-budget) / art-house films

Task 2.Read these words paying attention to their pronunciation, find Russian equivalents and memorize in order to use them in your speech.

Main Film Genres action film

adventure film

comedy, n

crime film

gangster film

drama, n

epic / historical,

horror film

musical, n

science fiction, n

war film

western, n

Major Film Subgenres biographical film / “biopic”

“chick” flick / gal film

detective / mystery ,n

disaster film

fantasy film

film noir

“guy” film

melodrama / women's “weeper"

road film

romance film

sports film

supernatural film

thriller, n

suspense film

Minor Subgenres aviation film

buddy film

caper film

chase film

espionage film

"fallen" woman film

jungle film

legal film

martial arts film

medical film

military film

parody film

police film

political film

prison film

religious film

slasher film

swashbuckler, n

Non-Genre Film Categories animated film

British film

childrens / kids / family film

classic film

cult film

documentary film

serial film

sexual / erotic film

silent film

colour film

black-and-white film

mute, adj

sound, adj

dubbed, adj

full-length, adj

short-length, adj

short, adj

two (three) part film

newsreel, n

cliff-hanger, n

star-studded film

screen version / adaptation of a novel

latest release


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