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X. A questionnaire. What Sort of Person Are You.

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Only tick (ˇ) if you answer is YES -.

Which of these statements apply to you?

1.I always like to keep my things neat and tidy.

2. I am a good listener.

- 18 -

3.I am a hard worker.

1. I am easily influenced by friends.

2. I am usually willing to compromise and cooperate.

3. I am not particularly interested in money.

4. I can forget my problems very easily.

5. I am musical.

6. I enjoy being on my own.

10. I find it difficult to admit that I may be wrong.

11. I am honest.

12. I am ambitious.

13. I am usually calm and not easily upset.

14. I am fashion-conscious.

15. I am satisfied with my appearance.

16. I am superstitious.

17. I enjoy eating good food.

18. I can relax quite easily.

19. I enjoy being the center of attention.

20. I find it hard to talk to strangers.

21. I find that my first impression of a person is usually correct.

22. I get upset if someone criticizes me.

Speak about:

- a type of person you like to be with;

- a type of person you don’t like to be with;

- What sort of person annoys you;

- Two good points and two bad points about yourself, etc.


XI. You are studying English. Answer the following questions. Speak about your study habits (Student’s Study Habits Questionnaire):

Full name: __________________________________

- 19 -

Home address: _______________________________

Nationality: __________________________________

What study materials do you use when you study English? ____________


How many hours a week do you study English by yourself? ____________


Which part of the day do you prefer to study at?____________________

When you study where do you prefer to sit? ______________________

What disturbs you most when you are studying? ____________________


What do you like best about learning English? _______________________


Signature: ____________________________________________________


XII. a) What is your attitude to the Institute? Are you doing your best? Here is a questionnaire. Answer the questions and work out the score.

Are You Doing Your Best?

1. You are ten minutes late for the Institute. You know that it is not the first time you come late and the teacher is going to be angry when you arrive. What do you do?

- Run all the way and apologize to the teacher. (3)

- Do not worry about it. It does not matter. (1)

- Give up and go home. (0)

1. A week ago the teacher gave an essay to write. Tomorrow is an absolute deadline. You:

- Started to work at an essay immediately, now it is ready. (3)

- Waited until the last moment and now you have to sit up late to finish it in time. (2)

- Have had your essay written by a professional. (1)

- 20 -

2. You have to choose between English and German. How do you make your decision?

- You choose the language you think easier. (1)

- You choose the subject with a nicer teacher. (2)

- You choose the language that you think you will need in your future profession. (3)

4. What do you enjoy most about Institute?

- The bell telling that the lessons are over. (0)

- Five or six really interesting lessons. (3)

- Meeting your friends there. (1)

5. You have too much homework and you cannot do it all. What do you do?

- Give up and find something interesting to do. (0)

- Do the subjects you enjoy and forget the others. (2)

- Try your best and ask your teachers for help. (3)

6. Where do you usually sit at the lessons?

- At a place where you can see the board and hear your teacher clearly. (3)

- At the back of the class, so the teachers cannot see you talking. (0)

- Next to your best friend. (2)

7. How much of subjects do you think will be necessary in your future occupation?

- Most of them because they prepare you for the adult professional life. (3)

- None of them. They have got nothing to do with professional work. (0)

- Some practical things help, but the rest is rubbish. (1)



2 – 7: You hate the Institute and cannot wait when your study is over.

8 – 14: You and your Institute are going parallel ways and occasionally cross.

15 – 21: You love the Institute and you are doing your best.

- 21 -

b) Do you agree with the score? Why? Why not?


- I agree with my score. I got 19 and I love my Institute.

- I don’t agree. I got only 5 points but I don’t hate my Institute, etc.

c) What could you do to make the Institute better? What things could your teachers do?


- I could work a little bit harder.

- Teachers could give us less homework, etc.

XIII. Discuss if it is easy for you to get along with people who:

- are always complaining;

- are always criticizing someone;

- are always giving advice to everybody;

- are always interrupting;

- never listen to someone else’s point of view;

- are always changing their mind.

Use such expressions as:

• I cannot stand people who …

• I cannot get along with people who …

• It is difficult for me to communicate with people who …

• As for me, I …, etc.

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