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Amazon World Zoo Park

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Welcome to another world. Just step through the entrance and you are transported into the magical depths of a tropical rainforest. A waterfall cascades into a fish-filled pool and winds its way as a stream through the dense undergrowth. Free flying birds dart through the branches and stop to sing in the tops of the trees. Amongst the birds and plants, you’ll find many enclosures with special animals that you’ve probably never heard of before. Most are kept separate, due to them either being very territorial or to them requiring special conditions. Watch out for the terrapins and crocodiles on the rocks around the pond – the best place to view them from is the wooden bridge. You may even be lucky enough to see a bird having a bath.


Rainforest Project


In partnership with the World Land Trust, Amazon World Zoo Park has pledged to help preserve the endangered rainforests of the world. Our current project is in Ecuador, South America, and by donating £25 you will be saving one acre of rainforest forever! You will receive a personalised certificate from the World Land Trust and their twice-yearly newsletter, WLT News. All monies will be forwarded to the World Land Trust on your behalf and acres of rainforest will be added to the Amazon World Rainforest Reserve in Ecuador. Amazon World will in turn keep you up to date on the progress of the reserve once a year. We hope to be able to send a team out to Ecuador in the future to visit the reserve and you will be sent a special newsletter and report about the trip.



B11 There is a __________ that flows into a pool full of fish.

B12 There are unusual animals that are kept in __________ .

B13 Some animals are kept separate because they need __________ .

B14 It is recommended that you stand on __________ in order to look at the crocodiles.

B15 It is possible that you will see a bird while it is __________ .

B16 You can protect an area of rainforest measuring __________ by giving £25.

B17 If you give money you will be sent a publication called __________ .

B18 Your money will be given to an organisation called __________ .

B19 If you give money, you will receive news on the rainforest reserve from Amazon World __________ .

B20 It is planned that __________ from Amazon World will go to the rainforest reserve.


Task 3


For items A36-A40, read the text and choose the best answer from options 1, 2, 3 or 4. Circle the number of the option you choose.



Have you ever watched a play or musical and dreamed that you were the one singing, dancing and acting your way across the stage? That is how many of the performers you see on stage and screen started out in entertainment. But what did they do to make it into the spotlight in the West End, London’s theatre district?


While most of us are desperate to go along and watch a big West End musical like Mary Poppins, 12-year-old Lydia Bannister has nabbed one of the best roles around, playing Jane Banks. Lydia has always wanted to be a performer and before making it onto the stage, one of her favourite things to do was to go to the ballet in London’s Covent Garden with her mother. Seeing the ballerinas on stage inspired Lydia to start dance training. She now goes to the London Junior Ballet School every Saturday, fitting in lessons around her rehearsals and performances in Mary Poppins. Her advice to other aspiring performers? ‘Just go for it,’ she says. ‘Enjoy it because that’s what it’s all about. Just follow your dreams.’

Many performers admit to having no formal training but if you are serious about performing professionally it is a good idea to have lessons in the discipline that interests you most – whether it’s singing, dancing, acting or all three! If you are really committed, there are schools that specialise in training students in all aspects of stage and screen performance full time. Jon Lee attended the prestigious Sylvia Young Theatre School in London, so he could wholeheartedly pursue his passion for performing. He is now starring in the West End production of Les Miserables. ‘I was very lucky at the school I attended,’ he says. ‘Everyone had the same interests and goals. There was no jealousy because everybody understood what they wanted to do.’

There is stiff competition for roles in theatre and just because you’ve had special training or attended a stage school doesn’t mean you’ll land the lead in the latest West End hit. Missing out on a role can be a terrible disappointment but succeeding as a performer means learning to handle rejection. ‘Just keep going,’ says Antony Costa, now starring as Mickey in the musical Blood Brothers. ‘You’re always going to get knock-backs and that’s the negative side. But the positive side is getting to perform every night, hopefully in front of a packed house, and at the end they give a standing ovation – that to me is better than anything!’

There’s no doubt that performing professionally is a fun job, but it can be very demanding, especially for young entertainers who still go to school. Nine-year-old Robert Madge, who plays the cheeky Michael Banks in Mary Poppins, says that managing school work and starring in a West End production can be quite a juggling act. ‘I have tutoring at the theatre for 15 hours a week, which has to be fitted in around my performances.’ Most productions are performed in the evening, so there’s late nights most days of the week – add that to rehearsals and you’ve got a very demanding job! But for those passionate about performing, the enjoyment of the audience is often worth the hard work. ‘I had 100 people from my school come to see me perform and it was amazing,’ says Lydia. ‘They were so happy and proud to see me on stage.’



A36What do we learn about Lydia Bannister?


1. Her mother used to be a performer.

2. She was surprised to get the role of Jane Banks.

3. She is still attending ballet classes.

4. Her role in Mary Poppins involves dancing.


A37What is said about training in the second paragraph?


1. Some schools that provide full-time training are better than others.

2. It is possible to become a professional performer without formal training.

3. It is best to get training in singing, dancing and acting.

4. Some people stop wanting to be performers after doing some training.


A38What do we learn about the school that Jon Lee went to?


1. All of the students there got on well together.

2. The students there had a variety of different aims.

3. His interest in performing increased while he was there.

4. He enjoyed being there more than some of the other students.


A39Which of the following is stated in the third paragraph?


1. Competition for theatre roles is increasing.

2. Every performer experiences big disappointments.

3. Some good performers give up because of disappointment.

4. Some audiences are less enthusiastic than others.


A40What is the main point about being a professional performer in the last paragraph?


1. Young performers discover that it is harder than they expected.

2. The disadvantages for young performers may be greater than the advantages.

3. Young performers get more attention than older ones.

4. It is enjoyable but particularly difficult for young performers.

Transfer your answers to answer sheet


Task 1

C1You have received a letter from an English-speaking friend. Read the last part of the letter and the notes you have written on it. Write a letter to your friend, answering the friend’s questions and talking about your own habits. Write about70 words.



I like to make sure that I keep fit because I think it’s really important. I always prefer to walk to places if I can, rather than go by car or on the bus. I like running and I often go to a gym for exercise and fitness training. Are you like me? What do you do to get exercise? Do you get lots of exercise? Or do you think you should do more? I’d be interested to hear all about it.



Notes:   Agree it’s important to be fit When I walk / when I go by car, bus, etc The amount of exercise I do


Task 2

C2 Choose one of the following topics. Write about 200 words.


a) Describe a day that did not happen in the way that you had planned.




b) Do you agree that all young people should read newspapers regularly?




c) A friend has done something that has made you unhappy. Write to the friend, describing what happened and explaining how you feel.




d) Write about three buildings that you know very well.

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