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Items B1-B10.

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Choose the correct word for each gap from the list on the right. Write the word in the correct space. Use each word once only. There are some extra words you don’t have to use.


Children and the internet   The internet has become __________ (B1) an important part of our daily lives that it is hard to imagine how we ever did without it. Today’s generation has grown up able to perform advanced internet searches almost as __________ (B2) as they can read. Children now have access to _________ (B3) information on the world wide web than most of their parents ever had when they were growing up. But although it is undoubtedly an amazing resource, it is also important for parents to help their kids stay safe __________ (B4) they are surfing the internet.   Naturally, you can’t watch your child __________ (B5) minute of the day, but one way you can keep an eye on __________ (B6) internet use is by keeping the computer in the living room rather than hidden away in their bedroom, __________ (B7) they may be completely unsupervised. It is a good idea to agree some ground rules ___________ (B8) that you have some influence over the time they spend online. Setting boundaries will let ___________ (B9) know that you take internet safety seriously and hopefully encourage them to take extra care. Perhaps you will want to limit the time they spend on the net or you may agree that they will only use __________ (B10) when you are around.   every for it its more much so soon such their them these where which while




Task 1

In this section, you will see five short texts. In each case, the text is incomplete. Choose1, 2,3or4to complete the text. Circle the number of the right answer.

EXAMPLE: Can you imagine cycling all the way from England to China? That’s exactly what three young men did to raise money for a number of children’s medical charities. …………….. with the 16,000 kilometres between London and Beijing ahead of them, and 224 days later they completed their difficult journey, riding unsupported through some of the wildest and most remote landscapes in the world. They raised a total of £25,300. 1. They did it 2. It took them a long time 3. They set off 4. It was a great achievement




A31 I decided I would cook a meal for my parents. I started by looking in my mum’s cookbook. Then I went round the supermarket gathering ingredients, asking the staff when I could not find something. …………….. , I started cooking, following the instructions in the book. It’s not that difficult and really fun. I told mum to just sit back, relax and read a book. After much cutting, measuring and mixing I finally finished – apple and walnut risotto. It was lovely!


1. Without them

2. To do that

3. Firstly

4. Back home




A32 You’ll be amazed what you could do with your digital camera – if you knew how. This free guide ……………….. to help you get the best from your digital camera. The guide shows you how to take great digital pictures every time, how to store, email and share your photographs, and how to choose the best way to print your photos. Plus, there are 20 top tips for better pictures.


1. to what to do with your pictures

2. is full of tips and techniques

3. to taking, storing and printing photos

4. is for your digital camera




A33 Book a Best Western break and visit one of our 300 independently owned hotels. You won’t have to go far for things to do and see, unless you want to. ……………….. , selected hotels are offering 2 nights for the price of 1. We’re sure you’ll have a glorious time, whenever you decide to go. Just visit our website for more information.


1. Because of that

2. What’s more

3. Instead

4. At the time




A34 It is well-known that bright light can help to make you happier, but now it seems it may also help you to be more productive. Studies show that people who work in well-lit offices ……………….. than people who work in darker areas. The reason? It’s thought that bright light helps to make the most of your body’s natural rhythms.


1. need more light

2. are not always happier

3. get more done in a day

4. have more fun





A35 Congratulations on the purchase of your new Mountain Bike! This manual will assist you in setting up and maintaining your bicycle. ……………….. to familiarize yourself with your Mountain Bike. We recommend inspecting your bicycle frequently. Remember, proper maintenance and adjustment will greatly enhance performance and riding enjoyment.


1. Take great care with it

2. Please read through it

3. Do it correctly

4. If you have difficulty doing it


Task 2


For items B11-B20, read the text and use the information to complete the sentences about a tourist attraction in southern England.


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