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INSTRUCTIONS TO CANDIDATES - Answer all the questions

- Transfer your answers to the Answer Sheet

RELOD «Russian & English Languages Open Doors», 2008

ISBN 9785899730993


Task 1

You will hear ten short stories or announcements. For items A1-A10 circle 1, 2, 3 or 4 according to the answer option you choose. You will hear the recording twice.

A1Which of these is a rule?

1. You can borrow from a library as soon as you join it.

2. You can send copies of documents in order to become a member.

3. You must show one document with your signature on it.

4. You must show one document with your name and address on it.


A2Which of these is true of the poetry competition?


1. Entries can only be sent by schools.

2. Winners will receive money.

3. Children of any age can enter.

4. All the entries will be published in a book.


A3The speaker says that the book is about a boy who


1. tries to make people laugh.

2. tries hard to behave well.

3. wants to be like his brother.

4. always behaves very badly.


A4Which of these is true, according to the survey?


1. It only involved children in one age group.

2. It involved children and people with jobs.

3. It involved children and schoolteachers.

4. It wasn’t only about the environment.


A5Which of these is said about visitors to the Wood?

1. They cannot enter the Wood in their cars.

2. They can take part in football matches.

3. They can read information on signs as they walk through the Wood.

4. They cannot take food into the playground.



A6What does the speaker say about the course?


1. It is for people who are working in the travel industry.

2. It is for people who have a certain qualification.

3. It will make it possible for you to get a job in the travel industry.

4. It involves a certain amount of travel abroad.


A7At the Wildlife Photographer of the Year Exhibition, people can


1. meet some of the photographers.

2. read explanations of the photographs.

3. have photography lessons.

4. ask questions about the photographs.


A8 The speaker is asking listeners to


1. find a solution to a problem.

2. try to win a prize in a competition.

3. find information on a website.

4. change a habit they may have.


A9What does the speaker say about red kite birds?


1. They first appeared in the North East of England in 1820.

2. Some of them will be brought to a region of England next year.

3. Environmentalists are worried about what is happening to them.

4. Numbers of them are growing in a region of England.


A10Which of these is true of the adventure playground in the park?


1. All children have to have adults with them.

2. All children can use it during school holidays.

3. Sometimes only school groups can use it.

4. It is sometimes open on Mondays during term time.


Task 2

You will hear an interview with a British author, Diana Wynne Jones, who writes novels for children. Decide which of the statements (A11-A20) are true according to the text (1), which are false (2) and on which the information is not stated in the text (3). Circle the number of the answer you choose. You’ll hear the recording twice.


A11Some of her characters are based on people who make her angry.


1. True 2. False 3. Not stated

A12There are more good than bad characters in her books.


1. True 2. False 3. Not stated

A13Many people read her books more than once.


1. True 2. False 3. Not stated

A14It always takes her a long time to write one of her books.


1. True 2. False 3. Not stated

A15She always tries to have ideas for other books while she is writing.


1. True 2. False 3. Not stated

A16She always completes one book before starting to write another.


1. True 2. False 3. Not stated

A17She thinks that good titles are often more than five or six words long.


1. True 2. False 3. Not stated

A18She often thinks of a title and then finds that another writer has used it.


1. True 2. False 3. Not stated

A19She sometimes feels that the title she has chosen is not a good one.


1. True 2. False 3. Not stated

A20She occasionally thinks of a title before she has written the book.


End of Section A. Transfer your answers to answer sheet


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