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  1. The customer decides to fly. Read the conversation and complete the booking information on the computer screen.
  2. XV. Write letters to customers on the basis of the situations given below.


I need ...


I'd like a bottle of milk, please.


Have you got souvenirs ?


Do you sell stamps?


Where can I buy post cards?


Where can I get a film for my camera?


Where can I find newspapers?


Are these bottles returnable ?


It doesn't fit me.


It doesn't suit me.


I don't like it.


It's too small / big / wide / tight / expensive .


I'm size ...


Have you got this in another size / colour?


May I try this on, please?


Where can I try this on, please?


How much is it?


That's all.


Where is the cash desk / till?


Could I get a receipt , please?


Could I get a (plastic) bag, please?


(I'm afraid/ Sorry) I don't have any change .


Do you accept credit cards?




In the Ladies' Wear Department



- Excuse me, how can I get to the women's department?

- Over there, on the right, madam, just near the linen department. -

- Thank you.

- What can I do for you?

- I need gloves.

- What gloves would you like: leather or suede?

- I haven't made my choice yet. What could you advise?

- I think these suede gloves are good. And their colour is very nice.

- Thank you and the size is just mine. I'll buy them. -


Complete the dialogue with relevant word(s) or phrases. (typical dialogue with a female customer)


Shop assistant: Hello, can I _____________you?


Customer: I _________________for a pair of jeans.


Shop assistant: What ________________do you take?


Customer: Twenty-nine.


Shop assistant: We have some very nice blue jeans here. They're _____________this week.


Customer: Well, I actually _____________black jeans.


Shop assistant: That's okay. We _______have them in black.


Customer: Where can I _______________them on?


Shop assistant: The ______________room is over there.


The customer tries the jeans on.


Customer: They're ______________big.


Shop assistant: Would you like a __________________size?


Customer: Yes, _________________.


The customer tries the jeans on.


Customer: These _________________rather well. But I think I look _______in them. Don't you think?


Shop assistant: Not at all. These jeans _______you very well.


Customer: Well, I think I _______a blue pair.


The shop assistant brings a pair of blue jeans and the customer tries the jeans on.


Customer: They are very ___________and I don't like blue jeans, anyway. Do you mind _______me another pair in black?


Shop assistant: No, not at all. ...


Quiz: Shopping


In the Men's Wear Department


Complete the dialogue. (typical dialogue with a male customer)


Customer: ______________I need a shirt.


Shop assistant: Short-sleeved or __________-sleeved?


Customer: Short-sleeved, please.


Shop assistant: What _____________do you take?


Customer: I __________________.


Shop assistant: I think you are size 40. Here is a nice checkered shirt. ________to try it on?


Customer: _______________, please.


The customer tries the shirt on.


Shop assistant: _____________


Customer: Yes, it________. Where is the cash ______?


Shop assistant: It's over there. I ______the shirt there for you.


My Usual Shopping Round


We go shopping every day. The other day my mother took me on a usual shopping round. We went to the grocer's and greengrocer's as we had run out of sugar and onions.


At the greengrocer's there was a long queue. But we had nothing to do but stand in the queue if we wanted to get to the counter and have some onions. The shop-girl weighed us half a kilo of onions, we thanked her and went out.


Then we made our way to the grocer's where we bought a kilo of sugar and some sausage. We were about to go home as my mother suddenly remembered we had hardly any bread in the house.


We dropped in at the baker's and bought a loaf of brown bread, some rolls and buns. On our way home the mother decided to call at a commercial shop. She was looking for a present to my father — as it was his birthday soon.


As soon as we entered the shop, we found ourselves in a fantastic motley city of silk skirts and shirts, woollen pullovers, frocks and leather boots and shoes. The smiling girl met us at the counter.


My mother said she wanted to buy a size 50 shirt of a dark-blue colour. The girl suggested looking at a dark-blue cotton shirt with short sleeves. The shirt was the latest fashion and we were sure the father would like it.


We paid the money at the cash-desk. The cashier gave us a receipt and with it we came up to the shop-assistant. She passed us a wrapped parcel with the shirt, thanked us and added they were always glad to see us at their shop and we happy and a bit excited went out of the shop.




1. Do we go shopping every day?

2. Where did you go?

3. What did you buy at the greengrocer's?

4. Was the queue long there?

5. Where did you buy a kilo of sugar and some sausage?

6. What did your mother decide to do?

7. What did you see at the commercial shop?

8. What did you buy there?

9. What did the cashier give you?

10. Why were you happy and a bit excited as you went out of the shop?





to go shopping, to do shopping — делать покупки

grocer's — бакалея

greengrocer's — овощной магазин

to run out of smth. — истощить свой запас

queue — очередь

counter — прилавок

a shop assistant — продавец

to weigh — взвешивать

loaf — буханка

roll, bun — булка

purchase — покупка

to cost (cost, cost) — стоить

to decide — решать

to drop in at smth., to call at smth. — заходить

commercial shop — коммерческий магазин

to look for sth — искать

to enter — входить

fantastic — фантастический

frock — платье

leather — кожа, кожаный

sleeve — рукав

to be the latest fashion — быть в моде

sure — уверенный

cash-desk — касса

cashier — кассир

receipt — товарный чек




Mrs. Black picks up the telephone receiver.

MRS. Black: Hallo! Is that you, Janet? This is Mary speaking. I say, are you going into town shopping this morning? You are? Good. I should be so glad of a lift. Our car is out of order. What time are you going? About nine, you say? All right, I'll be ready by then and will be on the look-out for you. [She puts down the receiver.] Hurry up, Sam; I'll take you in with me. You want a new pair of boots. I'm sure Janet will find room for you too.

SAM: Good. I won't be a minute. [The sound of a motor-horn is heard outside.]

MRS. Black: There she is. Good morning, my dear. It's very good of you to give me a lift into town. Do you mind if Sam comes too? I have got to get him a new pair of boots. It's extraordinary how quickly boys wear their boots out. I'm always having to put my hand in my pocket.

MRS. White: I don't mind a bit. Jump in, Sam. [They drive into town, the traffic getting denser as they approach.] Isn't the traffic getting awful? Really, one would never think there could be so many cars. I can't imagine where they all come from.

MRS. Black: There's an unpleasant person behind trying to pass us.

MRS. White: All right, I'll wave him on. [She puts her hand out of the car and makes a signal to the driver behind; he accelerates (increases his speed) and passes.] Where do you want to be dropped?

MRS. Black: At Smith's, the shoe shop. Here we are. Come on, Sam; get out and say thank you nicely to Mrs. White.

SAM: Thank you, Mrs. White.

MRS. White: Shall I pick you up later? I shall be going back about noon.

MRS. Black: That's very good of you. Where shall I meet you?

MRS. White: Is the clock tower convenient?

MRS. Black: Very. I'll watch out for you there at twelve o'clock. Thank you so much. Come along, Sam. Here is the shoe shop.

SHOP ASSISTANT: Good morning, madam. What can I do for you, please?

MRS. Black: A pair for this boy.

SHOP ASSISTANT: Shoes or boots, madam?

SAM: Let me have shoes this time, Mother, please.

MRS. Black: Very well. Shoes.

SHOP ASSISTANT: Very good. Will you please come this way? Take a seat, please. What size does he take?

SAM: I take size four, and I want a pair of brown ones.

SHOP ASSISTANT: Very good. Will you take off your boots and try this pair on. They're a very good make and will wear a long time.

SAM: I hope they won't wear too long. I like new things and hope to have another pair before long. Here, these are too tight. They pinch my toes.

SHOP ASSISTANT: They'll stretch a bit, you know, when you wear them.

MRS. Black: Better not have them tight. Try a larger pair.

SHOP ASSISTANT: Here we are. This pair is a size larger. Try these. How do they feel?

SAM: Too big. My feet move about inside them. Haven't you got a pair in between the two?

SHOP ASSISTANT: I believe we have a half size. Yes, here we are. Try these on. I hope they'll fit nicely.

SAM: Yes, these feel all right. Let me have this pair, Mother.

MRS. Black: Very well. How much do they cost?

SHOP ASSISTANT: Three pounds, madam, and well worth it. [To Sam] If you take them off, I'll wrap them up for you.

SAM: Can't I keep them on? Can't you wrap up my old pair?

MRS. Black: Yes, do that, please. Where do I pay?

SHOP ASSISTANT: Over there at the cash-desk, madam. Here is the bill. [Mrs. B goes over to the cash-desk and pays the bill. She comes back with the receipted bill, which she hands to the assistant. He gives her a parcel containing the boots.] Anything more, madam?

MRS. Black: No, thank you. Good morning.

SHOP ASSISTANT [bowing]: Good morning, madam, and thank you. [They go out.]

MRS. Black: Now, Sam, I have got quite a lot of shopping to do. I hope you won't get tired.

SAM: I don't think I shall be able to walk very far in these new shoes, Mother.

MRS. Black: Well, you wanted to keep them on. Would you like to change back into your old pair?

SAM: Oh dear, no! I've got a good idea!

MRS. Black: What is it? Your good ideas generally cost me money.

SAM: What about your leaving me in a cafe with an ice-cream while you do your shopping? I hate waiting about in shops. You know a big boy like me doesn't like to be tied to his mother's apron strings.

MRS. Black: All right, you shall have an ice-cream as a special treat. But you must make it last for a long time, and are not to order another when you have finished. Here is Fuller's cafe. Their ice-creams are wonderful. I might have one myself when I come back to get you. Come along in. We'll find a table near the window where you can see what's going on in the street. Then you won't get bored. Order what you want and be sure to be here when I come back.

SAM: All right, Mother, I promise not to stir an inch. Waitress, a large chocolate ice, please.


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