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The Public Relations Writer

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The ability to write well is a necessity for work in public opinion. Writing is an integral part of the public relations process of research, planning, communication and evaluation. Effective writing is based on facts that are presented clearly, concisely and accurately. Although this no longer true, emphasis remains on the use of a journalistic style in public relations writing. This is because much of what you write is directed to the news media. The public relations writer is usually employed by an organization, that wants to communicate with variety of audiences, either through the news media or through other channels of communication. This may include corporations, government agencies, environmental groups, labour unions, trade associations, or public relations firms who provide information on behalf of clients. The writer’s purpose is not objectivity but advocacy. The goal is not only to inform but also to persuade and motivate. All public relations writing should begin with the question. How does this help the organization attain its objectives? The editor of a company employee newsletter must also consider company objectives when planning various articles. If the company wants to increase employee productivity, the editor may decide to run several features about employees who are outstanding workers.

The public relations writer may write for numerous and radically different audiences – employees, constituencies, business people, customers, homemakers, bankers, farmers, stockholders, etc. Effective public relations writing is based on carefully defining the audience and its composition so that you can tailor your information to its interests and concerns. A public relations writer does research constantly to determine these audience needs, concerns and interests. Armed with this information, you can write a more persuasive writing.

Public relations writer, with many specific audiences to reach, will probably use many channels. Indeed, public relations writer must not only determine the message but also select the most effective channel of communication. In many cases, the channel may not be any of the traditional mass media – newspapers, magazines, radio and television. The most effective channel for the tailored message may be direct mail, a pamphlet, an organizational newsletter, a videotape, a poster or a special event. Any combinations of channels may be selected to achieve message penetration and maximum understanding.

emphasis – акцент

advocacy – разъяснительно- пропагандистская реклама

to run several features – провести несколько передач; дать несколько занимательных статей

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