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Unit 1 Unit 2 Unit 3 Unit 4 Unit 5 - 6
Adapt to a new culture Go abroad Accustomed (to) (adj) Adjust (v) Concern (n) Experience(v) Integrate into the community From diverse backgrounds Give rise to Overcome one’s cultural shock Internationally recognized qualification To experience something new Respect other people’s attitudes Wealthy neighbourhood In the suburbs Live on the outskirts Point of view Problem-solving skills Local culture Surroundings Values Multicultural society Lifestyle Work smth. out Accommodation Significant Age group Percent Percentage Household Integrate into According to Main features   Outdoor farming Fertiliser Packaging Content Brand Deliver goods Main meal of the day Produce Mass production Ready-made meal Order a meal Retailer Supply and demand Value for money Country of origin Artificial Attitudes towards Conventional Crop yields Bring about Emit Influence Nutrition Man-made product Extent Responsible A number of A few A considerable amount of A wide range of To be concerned about Issue Follow a recipe On the shelves   Assignment Feature Attend Evaluation Arrange Option (im)mature Achieve Fluency Language acquisition Level of Matter Obesity Recruitment Trial and error Native speaker Figure Syllabus Course curriculum Apply to an institution Do research Get a good degree Postgraduate Tuition fees Department Meet deadlines level out fluctuate opposite trend remain stable consumer internet fraud pay tax make profit take a course undergraduate teaching staff university campus   Keep up to date with Accuracy Carry out research Evolve Experiment with Restrict Reveal Advertisement Advertising Entertainment Headlines Audience Spectacular view Luxurious The environment Source Purify Quantity Suggest Renewable energy Installation Protect Simultaneously As a consequence Following this Cause damage to Generate Restrictions Sales recruitment the latest news publish a story current affairs documentary interview a politician Resource Toxic waste Nuclear power taxpayer   Climate change Destruction Endangered species Green house gases Drawbacks Challenge Estimate the cost Fossil fuels Infrastructure Natural habitat Natural reserve Power plant Produce profitably Release into the atmosphere Scenery Unspoilt Extinction Harm Industrial pollution Polar ice caps Rainforest Recycle rubbish Sustainable lifestyle Traffic fumes Industrial pollution Promotion Bargain Purchase Afford Attract publicity Boost sales Branded product Efficient Living standards Outweigh Customer Discount Interest rate Supplier Supermarket chain Make a loan Retirement Pay tax    


Unit7 Unit 8
Globalization Overview Be supportive Bring up a child Attitude Fall out Family reunion Gender differences Deal with tell the difference adolescence characteristics childhood memories divorce face expression have a good/bad relationship with someone look up to someone lucky charm mentor sensitive nuclear family show off sibling rivalry single-parent family well-being globalization incident in the wild liar involve predict deception deal with episode involve research programme a version of overview clue confess blame social events unique retire preserve   Celebrity culture Contemporary Performance Innovations A good/bad fit Fashion icon Hairstyle Outdated Made to measure Suit someone Worn out Set a trend Outfit Accessories A good/bad fit Bargain Crease-resistant cloth Look good in smth Leather On display Machine-made Size Put on Tailor (n) To be made of The sales pln The retail industry It suits/it does not suit me Wardrobe Worn out Casual clothes Celebrity Conservation Contemporary Delicate structure Brands Fabric Flexibility Fragile Functional Garment Miss the point Origins Performance pastime  

Topics (write at least 250 words)

Card 1

Describe a beautiful place to visit in your country. You should say:
  • where it is
  • how to get there
  • what there is to do when you are there
and explain why you recommend this place.



Card 2

Describe the person in your family who you most admire. You should say:
  • what their relationship is to you
  • what they have done in their life
  • what they do now
and explain why you admire them so much.


Card 3

Describe a piece of equipment you often use at home or at work. You should say:
  • What it is
  • What you do with it/ How to use it
  • How long you have had it
  • How important it is to you


Card 4

Describe an open-air or street market which you enjoyed visiting. You should say:
  • where the market is
  • what the market sells
  • how big the market is
and explain why you enjoyed visiting this market.


Card 5

Describe a special occasion when you had a really enjoyable meal. You should say:
  • what the occasion was
  • who was at the meal
  • what you ate
and explain why the meal was so enjoyable.


Card 6

Describe a memorable journey you have made. You should say:
  • where you were going
  • how you were travelling
  • why you were making the journey
and explain what made the journey so memorable.



Card 7

Describe your favourite family tradition. You should say:
  • what the tradition is
  • when it occurs
  • what you do
and explain why it is your favourite tradition.


Card 8

Describe a school which you went to. You should say:
  • when you went there
  • how many people studied there
  • how long you spent there
and explain what you liked and disliked about it.


Card 9

Describe an exciting experience in your life. You should say:
  • when the experience took place
  • where the experience took place
  • what happened exactly
and explain why the experience was so exciting.




Card 10

Describe a newspaper or magazine you enjoy reading. You should say:
  • what kind of newspaper or magazine it is, e.g. fashion
  • how often you buy it
  • what articles and information it contains
and explain why you enjoy reading it.


Card 11

Describe an exciting competition or sporting event you have witnessed. You should say:
  • what the competition or sporting event was
  • when and where it took place
  • who won
and explain why it was exciting.

Card 12

Describe an environmental problem. You should say:
  • What it is
  • How long it has existed
  • What effect it has brought to people’s life
  • What we can do to solve it


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