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Choose the most suitable word or phrase to complete the sentences below.

Read the sentences. Translate them into Ukrainian. Make up your own sentences with the words and phrases in bold type. | Translate into English using gerunds. | Translate into English. | An only child | Transcribe the given words and explain their meaning. | Now talk about your living at home. Use the phrases below and the ones from the text above. | Translate the following sentences into English. |

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1. Mrs Jones had_____.

a. a trio b. a treble c. triplets

2. Mrs Vine had had _____ the week before.

a. quarts b. quads c. a quartet

3. Twins often seem to _____ a generation.

a. hop b. skip c. jump

4. There was a case of _____ twins in our town recently.

a. Japanese b. Chinese c. Siamese

5. There’s a _____ of twins in our family – on my father’s _____.

a. story b. geography c. history
a. tree b. side c. line

6. I was _____ child, though.

a. an only b. a missing c. a single

7. All the members of our football team are related _____ marriage.

a.by b. to c. on

8. When mother remarried her second husband, my_____, gave me a new bicycle.

a. a forefather b. stepfather c. grandfather

9. He said to me, “Look, I know you’re not my own _____, but let’s be friends”.

a. flesh and blood b. blood and guts c. skin and bones

10. My _____ originated from a tribe of Red Indians.

a. ancestors b. ancients c. antiques

11. Not many of my own _____ relatives are still alive.

a. blood b. skin c. heart

12. My _____-grandfather fought at the Battle of Waterloo.

a. grand grand grand b. great grand grand c. great-great-great

13. My brother-in law inherited $500.000 in his uncle’s _____.

a. will b. testament c. wishes

14. I was left $50 and a cat by _____ relative; I believe it was a _____ cousin – perhaps it was a _____-aunt.

a. a distant b. an unclear c. a long-distance
a. double b. second c. dual
a. grand b. great c. large

15. Peter is an orphan; he was _____ at the age of two.

a. adjusted b. adapted c. adopted

16. Paul comes from a broken home; he has lived with a number of _____ parents.

a. loan b. foster c. second-hand

17. Mary was from a single-parent family; now she is looked after by her _____.

a. keeper b. warden c. guardian

18. I’m off to have Sunday lunch with my _____ now.

a. outlaws b. by-laws c. in-laws



Match the phrases with their definitions.


1. a family gathering a) a family where the members have serious problems with each other
2. an extended family b) to start having children
3. a nuclear family c) a characteristic that is common among family members
4. to start a family d) mother, father and children
5. to run in the family e) your closest relatives
6. single-parent / one-parent family f) your entire family
7. immediate family g) a family where the members have close relationships with each other
8. dysfunctional family h) a relative connected to you by "blood" rather than by marriage
9. a blood relative i) a family which only has one parent (because the parents are divorced, or because one of the parents has died)
10. a close-knit family j) a family in which the parents are divorced or separated
11. a broken home k) a meeting / celebration of family members


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Read the text and translate it into Ukrainian. Describe your family tree. Try to mention all members of your family.| Translate into English.

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