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Look at this list of possible incidents during flight. Think of actions you might take to solve each problem.

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Problem Possible action
  total electrical failure  
  fire in the hold  
  fire in the toilets  
  fuel endurance very low  
  a bomb scare  
  severe icing  
  injuries among passengers and cabin crew after severe turbulence  
  engine flameout  
  bird ingestion after take-off  
  wheel well fire  
  passenger with a heart attack  

Now look at this list of possible actions to solve the problems. Choose an action for each problem and write it in the table above. The same answer may be used several times.

- look for a doctor on board and land as soon as possible

- put on oxygen mask and make an emergency descent

- land immediately

- release fire bottle and land immediately

- ask for priority landing

- change level

- look for VMC conditions and land

- return to the airport

- try to extinguish the fire and land immediately

- land immediately

- try to make an airstart

Work in pairs. Ask your friend (a pilot) about his possible action in the case of possible incidents during flight. Listen to his answer.

Example: What might (would) you do if you had total electric failure?

If I had total electric failure I might (would) look for VMC conditions and land.

Use the information of exercise 3.

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