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Allergic Reactions

It is estimated that an allergic reaction takes place once for every million fillings done. Even though the reported percentage of allergic reactions to amalgam is low, there are some that have and will experience a reaction. A persons reaction type can range from mild to severe. Although both types of reactions are extremely rare, a severe reaction is much more serious.

In a mild reaction, a person may experience the development of a sore inside of the mouth. This sore will be in an area that is in contact with the newly received amalgam filling. This will most likely be an area such as the cheek, tongue, or gums. The sore can range in size and severity. This happens because the person is allergic to the mercury in the filling they have received. A more serious reaction to the filling can cause parts of the mouth to swell on the inside, such as the tongue, cheeks, or even throat. In more serious cases of an allergic reaction or if you feel that the filling is bothersome, you can talk with your dentist about having the amalgam filling removed and replaced with another type of filling.

If you are in need of a filling, make an appointment for a consult with your dentist before having your tooth filled. Make a list with all of your questions and concerns about the filling you are choosing, and ask questions about the other fillings available as well. This will insure you are being fit with the best filling for your needs.

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