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Allergy to Amalgam

Amalgam dental fillings are the most frequently used type of fillings in most dental patients, since they have been around longer than the new versions of fillings available today. Amalgam fillings, also known as silver fillings are made up of mercury and metal. Although mercury is known to be highly toxic, The American Dental Association has assured people that it is completely safe for use in the dental office and for use in fillings. Silver fillings are widely used in the practice of filling cavities, but some people, about one to two percent, will experience an allergic reaction to amalgam.

Amalgam fillings are still in practice today and are one of the more chosen versions of fillings, even over their more natural looking counterpart. Amalgams, although silver and unnatural looking when placed in the tooth are chosen over the natural, tooth colored fillings for a few reasons.

Amalgams are less expensive than other choices of fillings. They are strong and able to withstand every day use. Silver fillings will last much longer than other fillings offered

Along with the advantages of amalgam fillings come a few disadvantages:

Some have an allergic reaction to amalgam; or more accurately an allergic reaction to the mercury in the amalgam

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