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Translate the words in brackets into English. Use the following words.

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Cash, bank account, cheque, loan, current, rate of interest, payments, savings, income, amount, wages

Personal Banking is the most common form of banking in the UK. Employers require that new employees have a (банковский счет) for the payment of (заработная плата), so almost every person in the UK has some form of personal bank account.

Access to convenient electronic services such as debit cards that can be used to make purchases and withdraw (наличность) from automatic teller machines, direct debit services to make automatic (платежи) and the planned introduction of EFTPOS (Electronic Funds Transfer at Point Of Sale) services mean that the use of personal accounts is almost mandatory.

A (текущий) account allows easy and simple access to funds deposited into the account, via over the counter transactions or deposit facilities at ATMs, debit card access, (чековые) books or direct debit authorizations.

Savings accounts are used to set aside some portion of your (доход) as a saving. Savings accounts attract a high (процентная ставка) on the current balance in return for allowing the bank to use this money for loans. Access to the money held in (сберегательные) accounts is restricted.

An overdraft is an agreed permanent (кредит) associated with your current account. This provides an additional source of funds that you can draw on directly for a set interest rate. The overdraft (сумма) is applied directly to your current account and is treated as if it were deposited funds.



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