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Choose the correct answer to fill in the gap.

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1. I need to ________ at the bank because I'm going overseas on business, and I want to take some of the local currency with me.


a) withdraw money

b) exchange money

c) buy traveler's checks


2. You ought to _________ to store your valuables and important documents in a secure location.


a) rent a safety deposit box

b) open a savings account

c) pay your bills online


3. My father is trying to ________ to pay for the construction of a new room to our house.


a) take out a loan

b) pay off a loan

c) review his bank statement


4. If you go abroad you don't have to take a lot of cash with you. Instead, you can take _______ cheques with you, which are accepted in most hotels, restaurants and shops all over the world.


a) tourist

b) traveller's

c) travel


5. I don't get paid in cash. My salary is paid into my bank ________.


a) deposit

b) debt

c) account


6. The long-term loan you take from a bank to buy a house or flat is called a ____.


a) mortgage

b) overdraft

c) arrears


7. "Here's a ten-pound _______ ". - "Your change, Sir".


a) invoice

b) bill

c) note


8. I don't have any cash on me. Can I pay with my ______card?

a) deposit

b) credit

c) expenditure


9. I'm trying to __________ at least 20% of my earnings into my savings account so I can buy a car.


a) withdraw

b) deposit

c) steal


10. If you don't have enough money to for college, you can consider taking out a student ______ to pay for expenses.


a) loan

b) deposit

c) bill



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