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Hang Gliding The Sport of the 1980s

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  1. A) as many kinds of sport as you can; b) some open-air games; c) sortie indoor games.
  2. B) Persuade your partner to start practising sport immediately.
  3. Cargo transportation.
  4. Characterize the attitude of the British to sport. Complete the given passage, making use of the following word combinations from the box. Extend the statements.
  5. Explain the advantages of taking up sports. Reproduce the given narration filling in the right words from the columns.

Hang gliding, like windsurfing, comes from America. The person who thought of this sport, Francis Rogallo, got the idea when he was watching space capsules falling towards the sea. The capsules had a sort of wing which helped them to go more slowly until they reached the sea.

But this idea isn't as new as you might think: in the fif­teenth century, Leonardo da Vinchi drew pictures of a hang glider; it was a sort of kite which could carry a person.

The modern hang glider can go with the wind or against it, and the pilot can change direction by moving the control bar. Hang gliders rise and fall with the movements in the air — near lulls, for example, they usually go up.

All over the world, these giant butterflies are becoming more and more popular, as people discover the fun of flying. (From "Modern English International". Mozaika, 1984, No. 264)

b) What do you know of the kinds of sport which recently appeared! Describe them and say what attracts people in them.

XIII. Act out the following situations:

1. Two friends are talking after a football match. One is happy — his favourite team has won; the other is not as his team has lost the match.

2. Imagine a dialogue between two sports fans about their favourite sports.

3. A friend of yours claims to be an "all-round sports­man". Once you call on him and find him surrounded by a thick cloud of cigarette smoke. You have a talk with him.

4. It's Sunday afternoon. In a few minutes, there will be a football match on TV, while on another channel there will be a fashion show. Argument between husband and wife.

5. You are in the hall of your institute. You are an ardent athlete and like to get up at sunrise, at which your room-mate is grumbling. You try to make him do at least his morning ex­ercises.

XIV. Translate into English:

1. Я, кажется, знаю этого человека. Он был когда-то отличным бегуном, а теперь он тренирует молодых спортсменов. 2. Неужели правда, что он не принимал участия в игре на кубок? — Да, ему не повезло; накануне игры он слег с воспалением легких 3. Я едва мог поверить своим ушам, когда мне сказали, что команда нашего института выиграла со счетом 6:0. 4. Напрасно вы торопились. Соревнования не состоятся из-за плохой погоды. 5. Он был страш­но расстроен, когда ему сказали, что его команда проиграла. 6. Моя старшая сестра занимается художественной гимнастикой уже три года. 7. Я рад, что сегодняшняя игра закончилась вничью. Мы могли проиграть, многие из нас не в форме. 8. Соревнования по легкой атлетике еще не начались. 9. Кем был установлен по­следний мировой рекорд по ярыжкам в высоту?

XV. a) Translate the text into Russian:

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