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The Oldest British Universities

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1 The oldest British Universities are Oxford and Cambridge. Oxford is the older of the two, for its history goes back to the twelfth century. Cambridge is a century younger than Oxford.

2 The University is a federation of colleges, each largely independent. A college is the place where the students live, while the University is mainly an administrative centre which organizes lectures, arranges examinations and gives degrees. The University consists of a number of faculties: medicine, arts, philosophy, law, music, natural science, commerce and education.

3 The students have three short terms a year, eight weeks each, beginning in October, January and May. During the terms students hear lectures given by professors and lecturers. Experienced tutors guide the students’ work because they are responsible for it at the University.

4 After three or four years of study final exams are held. Tuition at the University isn’t free, of course. The fee at Oxford and Cambridge is so high that only the sons of rich people can afford to attend them. Very few of those who are accepted to the University get grants. That is why only three per cent of the students are children of the working people.

5 Many great men studied at Cambridge and Oxford: among them Bacon the philosopher, Byron the poet, Cromwell the soldier, Newton the scientist.

Задание VIII. Письменно ответьте на вопросы по тексту.


1. Which University is older: Oxford or Cambridge?

2. What is a college? 3. What is the University engaged in?

4. What faculties does a University consist of? 5. What kind of activities does the academic year include?



Вариант № 8


Задание I. Образуйте, где возможно, множественное число

существительных; переведите на русский язык:

Meat, plate, anniversary, vinigar, table, TV-set, child, wish, soup, tomato.

Задание II. Переведите на русский язык, обращая особое внимание на притяжательную форму существительных:

1. Mrs. Hudson’s important duties;

2. our dean’s office on the second floor;

3. Helen’s first grade certificate in French;

4. his fellow students’ difficult tasks in Physics;

5. my elder brothers’ modern laptop computer.


Задание III. Употребите прилагательное, данное в скобках, в нужной форме (сравнительной или превосходной степени); переведите на русский язык:

1. The (nice) season in England is spring. 2. It is (rainy) in Great Britain than in Egypt. 3. Chris Greener is (tall) man in Britain. 4. Two heads are (good) than one. 5. High alloy steel is one of the (expensive) grades.

Задание IV. а) Напишите словами следующие количественные числительные:

34, 1, 0, 378, 8.495, 91, 12.758, 18, 62, 40;

б) Переведите словосочетания на английский язык, употребляя порядковые числительные:

Второй звонок, третий реферат, тысячный участник, первое мая, четвертая страница, пятьдесят пятый дом.

Задание VII. Прочтите и письменно переведите текст на русский язык:


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