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Exercises. I. Put the verbs in brackets into the Present Perfect Continuous or Present Perfect

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I. Put the verbs in brackets into the Present Perfect Continuous or Present Perfect

Dear Connie,

I hope you are enjoying yourself at the university. I’m sure you 1)... have been studying... (study) hard. Everything is fine here at home. Billy 2)... (just/receive) his school report. It was bad, as usual. He 3)... (decide) to leave school next year and find a job. Tracy 4)... (go) to the gym every day for the past two weeks. She 5)... (try) to get in shape for the summer. She 6)... (already/plan) her holiday. Your father 7)... (sell) the old car and he 8)... (buy) a new one.

Anyway, write soon. Love, Mum.

II. It is 11 o’clock. The following people all started work earlier this morning. Look at the information and say how long they have been working and how much work they have done so far, as in the example.

Example 1. Janet has been typing since 9 o’clock/for two hours. 2. She has typed twenty letters so far.


Name Started/activity Completed
Janet 9 o’clock/type 20 letters
Lucy 10 o’clock/clean the house 2 rooms
Tom 8 o’clock/examine patients 9 patients
Connie 7 o’clock/deliver parcels 25 parcels
Helen 9 o’clock/read her book 50 pages

III. Draw conclusions.

Model:They moved to Lviv in 1999, so they… (live)in Lviv for … years.

They moved to Lviv in 1999, so they have been living in Lviv for … years.

1. Mr. White came to work at 9.00 and began to work at his report. It is 11.00 now, so he … (work) for 2 hours.

2. Ann started to go to the intensive courses of English in September. She is doing well. She … (study) for … months already.

3. At 4 o’clock Nick’s mother told him to do his homework. It is 6 o’clock already. The boy … (do) nothing all this time. He is so lazy!

4. The scientist began his research 2 years ago, so he … (work) at the problem for 2 years.

5. It started raining in the morning. Now it is 5 o’clock, so it … (rain) all day long.


IV. Make up sentences by matching situations (1-6) and reasons (a-f).

Model: 1-f. I was very hungry because I hadn’t eaten for a day.

1.I was very hungry.

2.I couldn’t get into the house.

3.I was shocked.

4.I had to walk.

5. I decided not gamble anymore.

6.I couldn’t get this job

a. I hadn’t filled in the form.

b.I had lost all my money.

c. the last bus had gone.

d.I’d lost my keys.

e. somebody had stolen my car.

f. I hadn’t eaten for a day.

V. Choose the correct answer.

1. Do you know ... she had been working there before she retired?

a) when b) how long c) how long ago

2. We have been training ... six month.

a) since b) for c) while

3. I am tired. I have been working very hard ....

a) just b) so far c) lately

4. ... they reach York, they will have been travelling for five hours

a) before b) by the time c) as soon as

5. I am sorry. I had been waiting for the train ... ten o'clock – It eventually arrived at 10.30.

a) for b) since c) just

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