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Exercises. 1. Read the following: • Greenwich • the National Maritime Museum Greenwich Mean Time the Neptune Hall Greenwich Meridian

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1. Read the following:

• Greenwich • the National Maritime Museum
Greenwich Mean Time the Neptune Hall
Greenwich Meridian Nelson
John Flamsteed Trafalgar
the fust Astronomer Royal the Thames
Flamsteed House Cotswold Hills
the Royal Observatory Oxford


2. Insert articles:

Greenwich is ... very beautiful parkland on ... outskirts of London, on ... bank of River Thames ... Thames, ... major waterway of England, flows from Cotswolds, to ... North Sea and is about 210 miles long.

3. Insert prepositions:

Greenwich is famous ... Greenwich Mean Time, the Royal Obser­vatory and the National Maritime Museum. The Museum tells the story ... . Britain and the sea. The star attraction... the Museum is the Neptune Hall. It explains the development... boats.. prehistoric times . the present day ... the Nelson Galleries you can see the uniform jacket... a bullet hole... the left shoulder, which Nelson was wear ing when he was fatally wounded ... the Battle... Trafalgar... 1805.

4. Use the verbs in the right forms:

The Old Royal Observatory (to be) part of the Maritime Museum and (to consist) of a few historic buildings Early telescopes and time measuring instruments (to display) in Flamsteed House. The large Gate Clock (to measure) Greenwich Mean Time, the standard by which time (to set) all round the world.

5. Translate into Russian:

You can stand astride the Greenwich Meridian marked by a brass strip crossing the Observatory courtyard

6. Sum up what the text said about:

the Thames

the National Maritime Museum

the Royal Observatory

7. Match English and Russian equivalents:

on the eve погода
picturesque spot предпочитать
the weather любопытный
to ask for advice живописное местечко
to prefer поездка
ride накануне
beneath спросить совета
curious под


8. Make sentences:

• Greenwich is a wonderful place a picturesque spot of London located on the bank of the Thames not far from the centre of London


• I've never been to London
• I've heard so much about London
  Madame Tussaud's
  Webber and his musicals
• I'm sure you'll enjoy the visit
  the performance
  the music
• You can get to Greenwich by bus
  by train
  by taxi
  by boat


9. Underline the answers true to the text:

• What way of getting to Greenwich did David prefer? By taxi. By boat. By DLR.
  • What is DLR?   It's Docklands Light Railway. It's Dickens Light Railway. It's Dogs Light Railway.
  • What is the Greenwich Foot Tunnel?   It's a tunnel along the Thames. It's a tunnel beneath the Thames. It's a tunnel between the Thames and Greenwich.


10. Complete the dialogues and act out similar ones:

— Well, tomorrow we are to visit... spot...

— Yes, I remember that. I have heard... but...

— I'm sure you all... I hope the weather...

— I hope... The weather has been...

— I just... advice. What way...

— And what ways...

— Well, we can get... It's... far.

— And what.. like?

— By DLR. It's... ride from the centre. Then we should cross... There is a special... It is called... There are two...

— Let me ask... I'll be back... Yes, they also prefer... and the walk .. It.. curious.


11. Make sentences:

• There is a nice place to visit    
    spot     in ...


• There are a lot of picturesque spots in London
• There are a few things to discuss now


• To my mind there are no tunnels beneath ... Maritime ...Museums ... observatories...


12. Say a few words about:

• a maritime museum in Russia

• your favourite museum

• a picturesque spot in the city where you live

• a river flowing through your town.

Unit thirty five

Business contacts


On a certain day Ivan, one of the participants of the groiip decided to telephone the English businessman with whom he had been doing business for some time. Before lie left Moscow he had contacted the Enlishman and told him he would be in London soon. And they decided to meet in the London office of the Englishman. Thus he tele­phoned the Englishman to make an appointment for the next day.

Ivan: My name is Smirnov. I'd like to speak toMr. Frieser, please.

Voice: There is no one by name of Freiser. I'm afraid you have

the wrong number. What number were you calling?

Ivan: I was dialing 7—2992.

Voice: Oh, but this is 7—2993.

Ivan: I'm sorry to have bothered you.

Voice: That's quite all right.

Secretary: Mr. Freiser's office here.

Ivan: May I speak to Mr. Freiser, please?

Secretary: Who is that calling, please?

Ivan: My name is Smirnov. I came from Moscow a few days ago and 1 wanted to meet Mr. Freiser. We spoke about our meeting while I was still in Moscow.

Secretary: I'm sorry Mr. Freiser is busy now. He is in conference. How could he contact you later?

Ivan: I'm staying at the Sherlock Holmes Hotel. My room number is 346. I'll be in at about six in the evening.

Secretary: Very good. He will contact you then.

Mr. Freiser: Ivan, is that you? Good evening.

Smirnov: Good evening, Frank. I'm very glad to hear you.

Mr. Freiser: So am I. When shall we meet?

Smirnov: I have some free time tomorrow morning.

Mr. Freiser: Splendid. Let's make an appointment for ten. Smirnov: It suits me all right.

Mr. Freiser: Then our driver will pick you up at the hotel at a

quarter to ten. Our office is not far away.

Smirnov: I'll be happy to see you and discuss our enquiry then.

Mr. Freiser: Likewise. I'll be greatful if you could join me for lunch.

Smirnov: Thank you. I'll be glad to. See you tomorrow.

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