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Victoria Rudovich

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Email: victoriarudovich@gmail.com | Tel. +7 (962) 932-48-30

DOB: 30/05/1994 | Citizenship: Russian



EDUCATION 09/2011-06/2015 Bauman Moscow State Technical University (BMSTU) (3th University in Russia in RAE Expert Ranking 2014) Bachelor in Innovation Management (Faculty of Engineering Business and Management) Major – Management of Innovation Activities Bachelor Thesis:Action steps development for implementation of new financially viable technology for airship in JSC “Avangard”, group of companies “Concern of aerospace defense “Almaz-Intei” quantitative research GPA: 3.72 out of 4 Russian grade point average:4,7 out of 5 Awarded full tuition scholarship from the Government of RF for outstanding academic results and active participation in BMSTU life   09/2001-06/2011 Secondary School No 664 with advanced studies of Math and Foreign Languages Excellence in all subjects at school, awarded gold medal for superior results  
RESEARCH AND ACADEMIC EXPERIENCE 06/2014- 07/2014 Glyndŵr University (top 3 University in Wales, the Guardian league of Universities 2015) Intensive Course of Continuing Education in Business Management and English for Professional Purposes (carried out an analysis on «Emirates Airlines», conducted research on «Difference between «Human resource management and Personnel management» (marked with highest grade) 11/2013 Research work «Assessment of quality level and competitiveness of computer Apple iMac 27»,BMSTU (qualitative research, incl. research on the computer market in Russia, introduced set of recommendations for improving the computer competitiveness in the market) 04/2011 Academic competition «Techniques and Technology»,BMSTU (competed in discipline Physics (awarded the second place certificate) 03/2011 14th Scientific Conference for young researchers «Step to the future»(Moscow) (presented paper «Economic efficiency evaluation of water purification technology used in Moscow Waterworks»)
WORK EXPERIENCE 09/2014-12/2014 Assistant Manager of High Technology (part-time internship) Khrunichev State Research and Production Space Center (producer of spacecraft and space-launch systems, including the Proton and Angara rockets for US and European markets) Responsibilities: analyzed integrated planning, design, operation and control of technological products, processes and services Achievements: analyzed the process of component parts manufacturing in the machine-assembling department and developed operational guidelines to achieve maximum profitability   07/2009-03/2010 Company Representative(part-time job) Avon beauty products company Responsibilities: performed extensive research and identified key drivers of cosmetics market, set up contacts with customers, promoted and delivered products Achievements: learned various selling strategies and reached the high rate of sales on each stage of representative level
SKILLS Languages: Russian (native), English (fluent, IELTS 6.5 taken on 11/04/2014), German (Intermediate, certificate of all-Russian competition «Friends of German language») Computer skills: MS Office (Excel, Word, Power Point), Microsoft Project, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Reader, Microsoft Dynamics, Sony Sound Forge, Sony Vegas Pro, programming languages: Basic, Pascal Professional skills: outstanding organisational and team-leading skills gained through my experience as a member of Student Council at BMSTU; strong analytical skills developed through studies at Technical University; good understanding of manufacturing processes due to various workshops at BMSTU (welding, casting, milling) and internship in the production space centre; solid knowledge of sales techniques, logistics, accounting.  
ADDITIONAL Interests include: · Traveling (visited more than 14 countries in Europe) · Music -awarded diploma with honours of Musical School №59 specializing in piano -awarded third-degree diploma in category «Vocals» of International festival «Stars of Kamchia» in Bulgaria -awarded winner diploma in category «pop vocals» of Amateur Performances Contest «Debut at the Bauman Stage» -awarded diploma of pop-song contest «Moscow Nightingale» in category «Creation of artistic image» · Sports (cycling, swimming, ice-skiing, fitness) Extracurricular activities include: · Member of Student Council at Bauman Moscow State Technical University (2011-2015) (regularly organized key events at the University, incl. interuniversity sport competitions, intellectual competitions and brain games, Career Fairs and others)
  • Member of University Trade Union (2011-2015)
(assisted in the financial department, helped to organize faculty events; awarded diploma for help in holding university culture events of Engineering Business and Management faculty (awarded by the Dean of Faculty EBM) · Volunteer at «Youth Council» in Vostochniy district of Moscow (awarded an Honorary Certificate for active participation in organization and running socially- important events in Moscow by the Administration of Vostochniy district)  



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