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Civil party of Kazakhstan.

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First secretary of the party – Peruashev Azat Turlybekovich.

The party was registered the 29th of December 1999. There are 100 thousand of members of the party.

The party has branches in every region, in Astana and Almaty. Social basis is representatives of industrial enterprises, workers, engineers.

Party goals are:

- statehood strengthening and development;

- formation legal state principles;

- equality in the eye of the law;


- purification of state bodies from the corrupt civil servants;

- to bring the law and order in all spheres of state and public life;

- the business expansion;

- strengthening material well-being and social status of citizen and family. At single mandate district Party conducted to the Mazhilis deputies 14 own members.

- In 2006 the pro-government Civil Party merged with the Otan party.

The democratic party of Kazakhstan «Akhzhol”.

The head of the party is Baimenov Alikhan Mukhamedievich.

The party was registered the 3 of March 2004. There 172 thousands of members.

Party goals:

- independent, flourishing, democratic and free Kazakhstan.

Fundamental values:

- democracy, independence, freedom and justice.

The party actively participates in conciliation commissions among the opposition on recommendations drafting on further democratization of Kazakhstan.

At Mazhilis elections the party got 12.04% of votes. In Mazhilis there are two mandates of the party.

Democratic party of Kazakhstan.

The party is headed by Narikbayev Makhsyt Sultanovich. The party was registered the 14th of June 2004. There are 60.1 thousands of members. The party has its branches at all regions of Kazakhstan. The principal goal is to build in Kazakhstan legal democratic social state; to create effective and developed economic system, formation of civil society. There is one deputy in Mazhilis. During the elections to Mazhilis received 0.76% of votes.

The Communist party of Kazakhstan.

The party is headed by Abdyldin Serykbolsun Abdyldayevich. Registered the 28th of February 1994, reregistered the 17th of February 1997. There are 100 thousands of members. Represented in all regions of Kazakhstan:

- members are war and labour veterans, workers, pensioners.

Principal goals:

- create the conditions in order to build the society of freedom and social justice based on principles of scientific socialism;

- to build communist system.

The party I oppositional.

At the Mazhilis election 2004 Communist party got 3.44% of votes, has to mandates in Parliament.

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