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The Samples of Letter

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GRADEN & JONES Telephone Leeds 978653 LIMITED Home & Overseas Merchants DIRECTORS: Upper Bridge Sthreet, Leeds 2 L.L. Graden, P.G Jones   13 July 1998 Oliver Green and Co. Ltd, 25 King Edward VII St. MANCHESTER M24 Great Britain Dear Sirs, We understand from several of our trade connections in Bolton that you are the British agents for Petrou and Galitopoulos AE of Athens. Will you please send us price-lists and catalogues for all products manufactured by this company, together with details of trade discounts and terms of payment. We look forward to hearing from you. Yours faithfully GRADEN AND JONES LTD. J.A. Stevens Chief Buyer


2 University of Portsmouth

PR/FOR/L.C. School of Languages and Area Studies

June 24,1999 Park Building King Henry I Street Portsmouth PO1 2DZ

Switchboard (023) 9284 8484

Facsimile (023) 9284 6040

Dear Colleague,

We believe there is great interest in gaining postgraduate qualifications among teachers of English as a foreign language and we have run a successful MA in Applied Linguistics and TEFL. For many there are serious problems in being able to attend a course lasting a year or two, especially in a foreign country.We have received increasing numbers of requests from teachers and schools for programmes of postgraduate study by distance learning and we are keen to respond. Before we undertake the time-consuming and expensive development work, however, we would like an indication of the interest such a programme would attract. Can we please ask your assistance by completing the enclose questionnaire?

As you are a former participant in the TEFL refresher course at our Language Centre, we know your interest and would value your comments. Соuld you please take time to complete the enclosed questionnaire and return it in the envelope provided. If you have colleagues who may be interested in replying, please feel free to copy the questionnaire.

I enclose details of our current MA for your information. We will make it available by distance learning if there is sufficient demand.

Thank you for your help.

Yours sincerely,

Paul Rastall

MA Programmes Coordinator

E-mail: paul.rastall@port.ac.uk

Tel: UK 01705-846024


3 Rusk Seed, Loc.

400 National Highway

Decatur, Illinois 62525


April 15, 1991

John L. Davis, President

Autocomp. Ine.

8100 South Jackson Street

Detroit, MI 48220

Dear Mr. Davis:


We recently purchased $ 250,000 worth of automated material handling equipment from your company. This equipment was purchased from you because of the fine reputation you have for quality and service to your customers.

Producing goods to sell to others requires precise workmanship and extensive testing. You want the performance of the merchandise to satisfy your customer. There are times, however, when a small production or design error goes undetected.

We look forward to doing business with your Company in future.Sincerely,

Victor Boyd,

Victor Boyd (signature)

Plant Manager




ORDER FORM   TO: T & C P.O. Box 34, 220004 Minsk, Belarus Теl.: (375-17) 223 33 91, 226 90 14, 223 68 69 Fax: (375-17) 223 33 86 Deadline / приём заявки до  


Bo Belarus energia * Вe Belarus ecologia * Be Belarus controla *Minsk


A. ALPHABETICAL LIST OF EXHIBITORS Compulsory entry: In accordance with the conditions stated overleaf we order the following entry in the alphabetical list of exhibitors:   А. АЛФАВИТНЫЙ СПИСОК ЭКСПОНЕНТОВ Обязательная информация: В соответствии с условиями, приведёнными на обороте, мы заказываем следующую запись в официальном каталоге выставки:

1. Text of entry.1. Текст записи

Company / Фирма
Address / Адрес:

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