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Write the numbers 1 to 15 next to the correct words.

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  4. Choose the correct word or phrase in bold.
  5. Choose the correct word or phrase to complete each sentence.
  6. Consult the dictionary to learn the difference in meaning between the following words.
  7. Correct and some have a word which should not be there. If a line is


Arm ______

Back ______

Bottom ____












Teeth ______


Look at the picture and read the description of each person. In each picture, there are some mistakes. Circle the words in bold which are wrong.



My wife Joanne is in her early thirties, but she looks young for her age. She is tall and slightly skinny. She has shoulder-length curly hair, a turned-up nose and a generous mouth.


My friend Ron is short and a little overweight. He is bald with bushy eyebrows, and ears that stick out. He has fat cheeks and a wrinkled forehead. He also has a moustache. As you can see, he frowns a lot and appears to be quite bad-tempered.

This is my cousin Raymond, who is in his mid-teens. He is of medium height and has short, straight, black hair with a parting in the middle. There are freckles on his face and he has a hooked nose. He is quite dark-skinned.


My mother Rose is in her mid-forties. She is about 1.8 meters tall and has long, blond, wavy hair with a fringe that comes down over her eyes. She has a pale complexion and a warm smile. She is wearing earrings and glasses.

My brother Jasper is very tall with broad shoulders and well-developed muscles. He is 22 years old, but looks older because of his beard. He has very short, spiky hair. When he smiles, he has dimples on both cheeks, which makes his weather-beaten face more attractive.




This is my sister Amelia. As you can see, she is quite chubby, with long, black, curly hair. She has tanned skin, thin eyebrows that almost meet in the middle, and long, thin eyelashes. She also has a double chin, which she’s a bit self-conscious of. She always wears a nose stud and has a cheerful smile.


Choose the right word:


Face – countenance – complexion


1. She was a tall lady with dark hair, dark eyes, and a pale and large forehead. Her ... was grave.

2. The girl was thin and had a sharp, bird-like ....

3. His ... expressed astonishment.

4. The lady praised the old gentleman’s bronzed ....

5. He looked so funny that I found it difficult to keep my ....

6. «He must have had bad news,» flashed through Arthur’s mind, as he looked anxiously at Montanelli’s haggard ....

7. A fair ... is typical of all the women of this clan.


Describe the appearance of a woman quite different from that portrayed:


Mrs. Reed might be at that time some six or seven and thirty. She was strongly-built, strong-limbed, square-shouldered, not tall but rather stout. She had a somewhat large face, the under-jaw being much developed. Her brow was low, her chin large and prominent, mouth and nose sufficiently regular. Under her light eyebrows glimmered an eye devoid of ruth. Her skin was dark, her hair nearly flaxen. Her constitution was sound – illness never came near her.



Translate into English:


1. Посмотрите, какая красивая девочка! У нее веснушчатое лицо, волнистые волосы и голубые глаза.

2. Мне очень нравится его зеленые глаза и длинные ресницы.

3. Мой брат очень циничный. Он ставит под сомнение все на свете.

4. После революции 1917 г. в России было очень много неграмотных людей.

5. В древние времена одной из единиц измерения веса была ладонь.

6. У меня очень болит голова. Необходимо сходить к врачу.

7. У вас очень сообразительный, здравомыслящий ребенок.

8. Он очень терпимый, но в тоже время решительный человек.

9. Моя бабушка очень суеверная.

10. Сердце, легкие, почки и печень – это внутренние органы человека.



Suggested topics for conversation:


1. Describe your friend’s appearance.

2. Describe the appearance of a person who (in your opinion) might attract everybody’s attention.

3. Describe the appearance of a famous personality without naming him (or her) so that your friends could guess who was described.


Match the Russian names of the body parts with their English counterparts:


1. bile duct 1. толстая кишка
2. bladder 2. позвоночник
3. gall bladder 3. гортань
4. large intestine 4. таз
5. larynx 5. мочевой пузырь
6. pancreas 6. желчный пузырь
7. pelvis 7. селезенка
8. spine 8. трахея
9. spleen 9. поджелудочная железа
10. windpipe 10. желчный пузырь






1. either of the milk-producing parts of a woman;

6. conduct blood away from the heart;

7. part of the body that includes the bowels;

8. of or for the teeth;

9. a large box or part of the body;

10. any one of the twelve pairs of curved bones in the chest;

12. a tree or part of the hand;

16. flat sea-fish with a delicate flavor or under surface of the foot;

17. a flower or part of the eye;

18. movable cover for the teapot or flap of skin that covers the eye;

19. for hearing.



1. organ shaped like a bag in which urine collects;

2. one of five on your foot;

3. the part of the body from the shoulder to hand;

4. conducts impulse from the brain;

5. for seeing;

9. a young cow or part of the leg;

11. fills your vein;

12. a schoolboy or part of the eye;

13. a large organ which produces bile and cleans the blood;

14. conducts blood back to the heart;

15. for smelling.



Read the text, pick out and arrange in columns the words and phrases which characterize the woman’s figure, waist, limbs and body, her face and complexion, hair.


I saw a lady standing at the window with her back turned towards me. The instant my eyes rested on her, I was struck by the rare beauty of her form. Her figure was tall, yet not too tall; comely and well-developed, yet not fat; her head set on her shoulders with an easy firmness; her waist, perfection in the eyes of a man, for it occupied its natural place, it filled out its natural circle, it was visibly and delightfully under formed by stays. She had not heard my entrance into the room; and I allowed myself the luxury of admiring her for a few moments. Then I moved one of the chairs near me and she turned towards me immediately. The easy elegance of every movement of her limbs and body as soon as she began to advance from the far end of the room, set me in a flutter of expectation to see her face clearly. She left the window – and I said to myself, «The lady is dark.» She moved forward a few steps – and I said to myself, «The lady is young.» She approached nearer – and I said to myself, «The lady is ugly!»


The lady’s complexion was almost swarthy, and the dark down on her upper lip was almost a moustache. She had a large, firm, masculine mouth and prominent jaw, piercing, resolute brown eyes, and thick, coal-black hair, growing unusually low down on her forehead. Her expression – bright, frank, and intelligent – appeared, while she was silent, to be altogether wanting in those feminine attractions of gentleness, without which the beauty of the handsomest woman alive in beauty incomplete. To see a face as this, to be charmed by the modest graces of action through which the symmetrical limbs betrayed their beauty when they moved, and then to be almost repelled by the masculine form and masculine look of the features in which the perfectly shaped figure ended – was to feel a sensation oddly akin to the helpless discomfort familiar to us all in sleep, when we recognize yet cannot reconcile the anomalies and contradictions of a dream.

W. Collins. The woman in white.


Retell the previous text using the words and phrases you have written out.


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