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Degrees of Comparison of Adjectives and Adverbs.

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1. Richard and Timothy don’t know many people at the party. Lionel and David know ... .

a. more

b. the most

c. as many

2. Some students are ... about their homework as others.

a. more serious

b. not serious

c. not as serious

3. He didn't want anyone to see him so he took a seat in ... corner of the room.

a. the far

b. the father

c. the farthest

4. We'd like to buy a new house, but new houses are ... than older ones.

a. much more expensive

b. the most expensive

c. expensive

5. I can’t walk very fast. You are younger; you can walk ... .

a. much faster

b. fast

c. the fastest

6. Who is ... among your friends?

a. the oldest

b. older

c. as old

7. I am sure a trolleybus is ... a metro.

a. as convenient as

b. not as convenient as

c. more convenient as

8. Last Wednesday my friend didn’t come late to work. I came ... .

a. latter

b. the last

c. later

9. The ... said the soonest mended.

a. least

b. less

c. last

10. I like skiing ... as skating.

a. more

b. as much

c. as more

11. I didn't like the book; it rather dull. The film is ... .

a. as interesting

b. more interesting

c. the most interesting

12. This building is very high. Actually it’s ... building in the town.

a. more higher

b. the highest

c. higher

13. Their children are not well-behaved. Actually they are ... children I’ve ever seen.

a. badly-behaved

b. worse-behaved

c. the worst-behaved

14. The more you know ... you forget. So why study?

a. more

b. the most

c. the more

15. Her illness was ... than we at first had thought.

a. the most serious

b. not as serious

c. far more serious


1. 145 … live in the Russian Federation.

a. millions people

b. millions of people

c. million of people

d. million people

2. … are starving in the world today.

a. Thousands people

b. Thousands of people

3. You are … who asks me this stupid question.

a. fifth

b. the fiveth

c. the fifth

d. five

4. Two … of my income I spend on my pet’s food.

a. twelve

b. twelfth

c. twelves

d. twelfths

5. Every … person in our company is not satisfied with his salary.

a. three

b. the third

c. third

6. Ok! See you on … of April.

a. the twentyth-seventh

b. twenty-seven

c. the twenty-seventh

7. It is … hit. I like such songs.

a. his the third

b. his third

c. the third his

8. … of the territory is covered with ice.

a. one thirds

b. one third

9. This bouquet costs … dollars!

a. two hundreds

b. two hundred

c. two hundred of

10. Two … of my work is dedicated to the theory of the subject.

a. three

b. threes

c. thirds

11. Two … two is four.

a. on

b. to

c. by

12. I need … of your annual turnover.

a. three-nineths

b. three-ninths

c. three-nine

13. So, this will be two … five.

a. point

b. comma

14. … can save the situation.

a. ten percent

b. ten percents

15. A fortnight means … weeks.

a. two

b. three

c. four


1. Sally is married. ..... husband works in a bank.

a. she

b. her

c. hers

2. Could you drive ..... up to town?

a. my

b. mine

c. me

3. They invited ..... to their party. Did they invite you?

a. us

b. our

c. ours

4. There is a new film on. Have you seen .....?

a. he

b. its

c. it

5. That is not my umbrella; ..... is yellow.

a. my

b. mine

c. me

6. It is ..... problem, not ours.

a. their

b. they

c. theirs

7. Will you give me his telephone number? I don’t know ..... .

a. him

b. its

c. it

8. Jim does not read English books. Do you read .....?

a. they

b. them

c. their

9. Don’t keep the children indoors in this fine weather; let ..... go for a walk.

a. they

b. them

c. their

10. ..... invited her to stay with us in our house.

a. We

b. Us

c. Our

11. I don’t like this friend of ..... .

a. yours

b. your

c. you

12. My room is bigger than hers, but ..... is nicer.

a. she

b. her

c. hers

13. Gina gave ..... the wrong phone number just for fun.

a. he

b. him

c. his

14. Mary and Jim visit ..... parents very often.

a. their

b. they

c. theirs

15. Ron was awfully tired; ..... could hardly move.

a. he

b. him

c. his

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