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How does the recruitment process work? It depends on the company and what methods the company uses to find applicants for employment. Some companies work with a recruiterto find applicants, especially for higher level jobs. Other companies use social networking sites and LinkedIn to recruit, in addition to using traditional means like posting help wanted ads in newspapers and listing jobs on job boards. Many large companies may not actively recruit candidates, but do post open positions on their company website. There arealsoheadhunterswhoheadhunt people for very important jobs, persuading them to leave the organizations they already work for. This process is called headhunting.

The first step in finding a job is determining the type of employment that might best suit your interests, values and skills. There are a lot of Web sites designed to help job seekers research and prepare for various careers.

A job application is available to candidates if they wish to apply for a job. It is a vital part of the hiring process. Even though the potential employee might have submitted a cover letter and curriculum vitae (CV) or resume, he or she must fill out the employer's job application. This form provides employers with concise and relevant information regarding the applicant. The application becomes a legal document and is part of the employee's permanent file if hired for the company.

The application form is created by the company and asks the same questions to each potential employee. This allows the hiring manager to quickly glance down the form and determine which candidates are qualified and especially helpful. Companies have also the option to offer online job applications or other electronic forms via e-mail. Applicants with disabilities are given an equal opportunity to apply for jobs, and companies are obligated to accommodate their needs. There are still companies that allow for applications to be completed with pen. Once the application is completed, the company can begin the background check on the applicant, which can help the candidate become one step closer to securing the job. Potential employees can not only fill out job applications online, but they can also provide their signature, which completes the application process. When an applicant completes the form, it is a binding and authentic document.

Candidates also move through the interview process. They may be interviewed several times prior to receiving a job offer or a rejection notice. The job interview gives employers the chance to meet you and see if they like you enough to give you a job. Get it right and you could end up with a great job, get it wrong and you will have to live with unemployment. There are three main types of interview and when you are offered one they should tell you what to expect. One-to-one interview –you are interviewed by just one person (usually the boss!) and it’s a simple question and answer session. Panel interviewyou’re interviewed by more than one person at a time. Competency interviewyou’re tested on different situations e.g. “tell me about a time when you showed good teamwork”.

Here are the steps in the recruitment process, which will vary based upon the company's recruiting strategies. Do keep in mind that every company has its own recruiting strategy, so it's important to conduct a multi-faced job search and to be sure you're job hunting where companies can find you.

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