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Fill in the gaps with a word from the box.


Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life”. (Confucius)

Discuss these questions. Look at the typical answers and agree or disagree with them.

1. What would you enjoy about the job?

a) I enjoy working with people especially my co-workers, and the fact that I am able to help people.

b) I enjoy working in a pleasant atmosphere where it is calm and laid back.

c) I enjoy meeting different people and free dinner.

d) I have good relationships with my boss.

e) I also like that my bosses are very effective managers. They understand the importance of hiring good people and clearing the way so their team members can do what they do best with few obstacles.

f) I like to work independently from employers and the people I work with.

2. What would you dislike about the job?

a) I don’t like the environment where a lot of people just don’t care about honesty, hard work and integrity.

b) I dislike that I work without an office, I’m bored, and I work with nasty co-workers.

c) I feel I’m not able to reach my full potential because of the lack of challenge and there is no room for advancement in the company.

d) My boss lies, the managers don't take care of important issues, I cannot trust anyone.

e) I don’t like paperwork.

3. What are the most important things for you in your work?

a) I plan things out for the week and try to stick to it.

b) Meeting deadlines, dealing with last minute changes.

c) Solving the puzzle and then using the solution to increase efficiency.

d) I have to make decisions on spur of the moment.

e) I get to split my time between creative and organizational tasks.

f) My job in particular gives me a lot of freedom to choose my own projects, instead of just doing whatever comes down from above.

4. Out of the people you know, who has the job you would prefer to have? Why?

5. If you could choose any job in the world, what would it be? Why?


2. Arrange these job aspects in order of their importance. Number them 1 – the most important to 12 – the least important. Explain your choice.

successful company pleasant colleagues autonomy

job satisfaction career development communication

meeting people excellent employer earning a lot

opportunities to learn new things safety team work

The most important aspect for me is the opportunities to learn new things. My company does IT service for many customers, and I have a lot of chances to approach new technologies. If my knowledge is out of date, how I can support them. I am very anxious to new things and that make my life enjoyable. I don't want to be left behind because the technology is changing every day, especially in IT field.

Match the adjectives used to describe the work with their definitions.

1. tough. a) the work is interesting and gives you positive feelings

2. rewarding b) the work is not interesting

3. dull c) the work involves doing the same things again and again

4. routine d) the work is difficult and makes you tired

Put these adjectives in the box into the correct columns.

uninteresting monotonous stimulating satisfying tiring stressful boring fascinating repetitive hard challenging demanding motivating exciting

tough rewarding dull routine


Fill in the gaps with a word from the box.

rewarding challenging stimulating stressful

satisfying monotonous motivating boring


1. I work as a nurse and my job is difficult. I am very interested in what I do and enjoy rising to the challenges it presents. It's (1) challenging and (2) _____. It is also very (3)_____ when I see a patient's smiling face after I have helped him/her.

2. I work on a production line, I do the same thing every day; my job is (4) _____. Nothing unusual or out of the ordinary ever happens.

3. I usually get to work and already have a mountain of work. I have to think on my own a lot and use my own judgement. Sometimes I have sleepless nights because of my job. It's (5) _____. When I do something well and I know that I did a good job, it's very (6)_____.

4. I always want to get up in the morning and see what has to be done. As soon as I know what has to be done I always want to work and get down to business. It's (7)_____.

5. I never want to get to work. I daydream all of the time. My job is (8)_____.

5. Describe the job you’d like to get and the job you wouldn’t like to get.


1. accomplishment – достижение

2. advertisement/ads – объявление, реклама

3. application – заявление об устройстве на работу

4. background check – проверка анкетных данных

5. benefits packageсоциальный пакет

6. challenge – поставленная задача, которая предоставляет человеку возможность проявить свои лучшие качества, знание, умение, амбиции, желание, пойти на разумный (или даже неразумный) риск, чтобы добиться результата

7. challenging – многообещающий; трудный, но интересный

8. co-worker – коллега по работе

9. curriculum vitae (BE)/resume (AmE) – резюме

10. (to) deal with – решать проблемы, связанные с; справиться с

11. (to) deliver – справляться, выносить (решение)

12. (to) determine – определять; устанавливать; делать выбор

13. dull – скучный

14. (to) earn – зарабатывать

15. employee – служащий; работник по найму

16. employer – работодатель

17. environment – окружающая обстановка; условия работы

18. (to) fill out an application form – заполнять анкету

19. freelancer – нештатный работник, работающий не по найму, фрилансер

20. fringe benefits – дополнительные льготы

21. (to) get down to business – приступить к делу, взяться за работу

22. (to) get along with – ладить с (кем-либо)

23. (to) have good relationships with – иметь хорошие отношения с

24. (to) headhunt – подбор высококвалифицированных кадров

25. health insurance – медицинское страхование

26. (to) hire – нанимать в штат

27. hiring managerспециалист по комплектации штата


28. HR/personnel department – отдел кадров

29. in-house personnel – штатный персонал

30. issue – задача

31. job board – доска объявлений с предложениями работы

32. job satisfaction – удовлетворение от условий труда/работой

33. judgement – суждение; здравый смысл

34. letter of application – письмо-заявление о приеме на работу

35. (to) make a decision – принимать решение

36. (to) make redundant – увольнять по сокращению штатов

37. (to) meet deadline – своевременно выполнять; завершать работу в срок

38. overtime – плата за сверхурочную работу

39. perks – прибавки (к жалованью)

40. performance review – обзор эффективности работы

41. (to) plan out – запланировать

42. (to) promote – продвигать по службе; повысить в должности

43. recruitment process – процесс набора персонала

44. (to) resign – увольняться

45. (to) retire – уходить на пенсию/в отставку

46. rewarding – приносящий внутреннее удовлетворение; поощрительный

47. routine – монотонный

48. salary – оклад, жалованье, заработная плата (исчисляется на месячной или годовой основе; обычно применяется к оплате труда "белых воротничков" (служащих, научно-технического персонала и высококвалифицированных работников)

49. (to) sack – увольнять с работы

50. specialist recruitment agency – кадровый центр

51. (to) split time between – распределять время между

52. (to) stick to – придерживаться (чего-либо)

53. strengths – сильные стороны (характера)

54. submit – представлять документ на рассмотрение

55. tough – сложный; трудный

56. wages – заработная плата (сумма, выплачиваемая работодателем наемному работнику в зависимости от количества отработанного времени или выполненного объема работ; часто устанавливается на почасовой или понедельной основе; обычно применяется к оплате труда рабочих и неквалифицированных работников)

57. weaknesses слабые стороны (характера)



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