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Act as a guide & conduct a tour of Minsk.

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To begin with the description of the views, I’d like to say a few general words about the capital of Belarus. Nowadays Minsk is the capital of a sovereign state, a cosmopolitan city, where people of different ethic backgrounds and religious beliefs form a truly motley crue. The city is sprawls over vast distances along the meandering Svisloch River in the rolling hills of central Belarus.

Moving next, the streets of Minsk tell the visitor their story of growth and change. Historically, the Upper Town, a vast area of old Minsk with its centre in Cathedral Square, was the city’s most important section. The main construction took place in the 16th century. Later the City Hall, St Bernard monastery, St Basil convent, the 17th – 18th century Catholic Church, as well as other public and residential buildings, were put up there.

You’ll be glad to explore the streets and lanes of the old town and plunge in the atmosphere of old days. You may visit the Trinity Suburb, another landmark that worth visiting. In the 1980’s it was reconstructed and modernised to make a single architectural ensemble. It is a quiet and isolated vicinity where the old picture-postcard houses seem to be whispering their secrets across the cobbled way. There are also a complex of curio shops, which appeal tourists greatly and restaurants.

As for me personally, I prefer places, where you can take a rest from hustle and bustle of a big city. I find it convenient very much, that the city is dotted with parks, such as Gorki Park, Yanka Kupala Park, Cheluskintsy Park, Victory Park and the Central Botanical Garden. The parks provide an escape from the city’s maze of avenues and buildings. Take some time to enjoy lush green. Indulge yourself in just sitting on the bench and watching people go by, and children play. At the Botanical Gardens you can stroll from a rainforest to a formal French park, explore an alpine rock garden or learn about plants of the Far East – all in one.

Our capital is a city of a rich spectacular heritage. Being a well-planned city, Minsk has developed its own sense of architectural continuity, balancing the monolithic buildings of business with residential areas. It should be mentioned, that most of the principal buildings in the centre are in the architectural distinct style of the early Soviet period – the Government House, the building of the Central Party Committee, the National Library, The Opera and Ballet theatre and many others.

Secondly, Minsk fascinates sightseers with its graceful churches and cathedral, for ex. St. Simon and Helena Cathedralsurvive as relics of past. St.Simon and Helena Cathedral or the “red cathedral” was ordered to be built the head of a noble family upon the premature death of their two children. The towers house three bells named for the church founder, his father, and his dead son: Edward, Michael and Simon.

There are a great number of cultural memorials which are connected with World War 2. If you want to feel the horrible military atmosphere you should see the place of mass shooting of the Jews, near the hotel “The Planet”. It is an enormous pit and a monument facing the faceless and emaciated people, the heaps of them are coming down along the stairs of death…it looks poignant especially in the bad dull weather.

Going further, the freshest sightseeing of Minsk is the National Library, which is said to be the grandest in Europe. It is a huge diamond-shaped building illuminated with all rainbow colours in the evenings. The monument of Frantisk Skaryna is set up near the entrance.

Without any doubt (the Victory Square) the underground passages are the most romantic and mysterious secrets, which the old Minsk still preserves. The complex research of them hasn’t been done yet. They are dated back to the 17th century and are concerned to connect the main monastic ensembles, which were used to resist back the enemies.

Another event which is worth sightseeing is Minsk City Festival. The parade, performances by professional and amateur musicians, folk dancing, noisy gaiety, the cheerful crowd, the kaleidoscope of colour and expression – everything contributes o its success.

In conclusion I want to say that Minsk’s pomp and pageantry isn’t easy to describe. It’s difficult to define its essence as it is a flourishing, glorious city, where the past and the present bring their scenes to the altar of national imposing heritage.

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