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Put logistics first

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Realize that logistics expenses are not a waste of money anymore. An efficient integrated logistics strengthens a company’s bottom line through optimization of purchasing process, reducing order cycle time, improving service level and reducing operation cost.

(edited from http://www.allbusiness.com)

2. Agree or disagree with the following statements.

An inventive business owner should take up a lot of initiatives at a time.

The information on the present state of economy, population and industry is surely important.

It’s better to search for demographic data at Civilian Registry Office.

Ten years is always the right period of time for business planning.

There is no need for a company to have an overall business plan.

Counselors provide small entrepreneurs with the information on the history of economy.

Logistics operations are a profitable investment.


3. In the text, find the words with the meaning opposite to these phrases.

connected with one area only

making no profit

out-of-date, irrelevant

very slow

always false

with a simple structure

unreasonable, making no sense


4. a) In the text, find all the core components, the ‘bricks’ that make up the effective business.


b) In groups, state the ideas and decide upon 10 more components. Complete the pyramid.








5. Now that you know the components of successful business organization, look back at the table (p.14) and see whether the efficient logistics process meets the requirements of present dynamic business scenario. Why/Why not?


Language Focus: Pronunciation

1. L isten to the tape and repeat the words with two stresses.


NB! Study the difference between British and American pronunciation

  British English American English
circumstances [´sə:kəmstənsız] [̖sə:kəm´stænsız]
dictionary [´dık∫ənərı] [̖dık∫ə´nærı]
definitely [´defınıtlı] [̖defı´nıtlı]


2. Listen to the tape and classify the words into two groups: one-stressed words and two-stressed words. Practice saying them.




One stress Two stresses
- -
- -
- -
- -
- -
- -
- -
- -
- -
- -


Language Focus: Grammar

1. Study the sentences from the text. Each of them contains a modal verb. What does each modal mean? Choose one of the below.

1. Professionals need to know some key points to be profitable.

2. Companies can use additional planning to help with future success.

3. Inventive business owners must look at current trends in the economy to take definite steps in the future.

4. You have to pay special attention to demographic factors.

5. Five-year planning might be too long.

6. A small number of initiatives should be taken at one time and be taken up to their maximum advantage.

7. Logistics operations are not to be omitted as they optimize the company’s purchasing process.


It’s a good idea

It’s necessary to do it

It’s possible

It’s acceptable

It’s not acceptable


2. a) Here are some more modal forms. Match the modals with their meaning.












b) Work with a partner. Choose any 2 structures and use them in meaningful context (3-4 sentences). Study the sentences. Complete the new ones using the given modal verbs. Pay attention to the forms of the infinitives.


3. Paraphrase the following sentences using the words in bold. Put the words in bold into the right form.

1. Perhaps the success of business depends on its accurate organization.

MayIt ____________________________________.

2. The business expert is sure the company has failed the project.

MustThe company____________________________________.

3. I advise business owners to look at current trends in the economy.

ShouldThey ________________________________.

4. It isn’t necessary to confirm this information. The manager has already phoned us.

NeedYou __________________________________.

5. It’s possible that they have already applied a new strategy.

MightThey _________________________________.

6. It’s forbidden to change any aspect of cooperation agreement.

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