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Health syndrome

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"What is clear is that there is a syndrome associated with excessive mobile phone use.

"Around 40% of users complain that they suffer from headaches, and many people find that after a day's heavy use of the phone that they have a thumping headache.

"After a while users feel extremely tired, and their reaction times start to fall off.

"After 14 months to two years some users will start to develop leukemia.

"My laboratory has carried out research which shows that after a seven-and-a-half hour exposure to a mobile phone on stand-by there was a serious degradation of the while blood cells (the cells that fight disease). A day after exposure there was a substantial fall in the viability of white blood cells, and after the second day only 13% of white blood cells were viable.

"There are some simply, virtually costless things that people can do to minimize risk.

"If somebody touches a mobile phone to their head radiation is conducted directly into the head. Keeping the phone a couple of centimetres away from the head reduce the exposure to radiation by orders of magnitude.

"Also if users hold their phone away from their head then after a while they will start to get a muscle ache which will warn them they have been on the phone too long.

"Protective pouches also help to reduce exposure to radiation, but earpieces are enormously adverse, because they conduct radiation directly to the head."

Tom Wills-Sandford is director of information and communications technology for the Federation of the Electronics Industry.

"We firmly believe that there is no link between use of mobile phones and any adverse human health effect.

"This is based on many years of research. The mobile phone industry is a global industry and research into the safety of phones is done on a global scale - probably $60m has been spent on this particular issue.

"You have to look at the totality of science, and when you do you will find that there is no evidence of a link between use of mobile phones and ill health.

"The FEI welcomes all good peer reviewed science, including Dr Preece's work in Bristol, in which, we note, he failed to find any link between mobile phone usage and memory loss despite the enormous amount of publicity we have seen in the last few weeks.

"The one effect he did find was that choice reaction times were reduced by four per cent after exposure to radiation from analogue mobile phones, but this contrasts with other studies which have found a 20% variation in reaction times when no mobile phone usage has been involved.

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